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  1. haha well I haven't played it so I'll take your word for it! Just wish he would put some thought into how he structures his videos, oh, and not sound like a 14 yr old who's balls will drop any second
  2. suppose I was being generous! Have they ever removed someone? Doesn't seem like Jeff's style. Ben absolutely lacks the clarity of thought the others have. It's got to the point where the video production people are more coherent.
  3. I'm not the greatest lover of smash bros, but that quick look was incomprehensible. Ben is a bumbling inarticulate mess at the moment.
  4. he's nowhere near as good at that game as I expected. Fun video though.
  5. Yeah I understand why you'd think that Radish and I don't think she helps herself. For what it's worth, I don't think she hates all gamers. I just think she has a very American/millennial sense of humor that doesn't translate well.
  6. I don't believe this thread or forum are all that bad either, but I do expect other parts of the internet to be jaw-droppingly awful towards her. If she's taken a 'fuck you too' attitude, I can't say I blame her. It'd be nice if everyone could forgive and forget. Patrick Klepek was a target for internet nastiness when he went through some GB audience hatred too. He spoke about how it affected his confidence etc. Christ knows what it does to a person's self-esteem.
  7. Yeah I agree. Nothing wrong with Abby or her career. As for her improv comedy versus Vinny - she's nearly twenty years younger than some of these guys, so it's natural they'd have more to pull from than her. I'm not about to start the Abby fan club here but I don't understand the negativity she attracts online.
  8. We'll have to disagree. LoU & Uncharted are much smaller bodies of work (by word count, character count etc) and never get close to the depth of writing in the games I named. Regardless, it'll be interesting to see if Cyberpunk can or want to do anything the reaction to their dialogue in this demo.
  9. You're right about not judging a game by its demo (book by its cover?!). That works both ways tho. The last RPG I played to completion was Divinity 2 which had outstanding writing, dialogue and characters. Better than W3 IMO and stronger than what we've seen of cyberpunk so far. I didn't see the amazing natural dialogue you're describing - have you got a section of the video in mind? Traditionally the CRPG genre has been strong in writing/dialogue because the visuals were never cutting edge and it needed a way to stand out. I'm thinking of all the baldur's gates, NVN's etc. Usually 2D isometric games. Cyberpunk is something different being an action RPG, so it might be fair to say it could be the best in that sub-genre, but it ain't beating conventional RPG's yet.
  10. er, fairly sure that was breath of the wild and probably a bunch of games before it too (GTA?). It's cool that you're excited for this game and I can see why, although you could accept that perhaps the writing and aesthetic are off-putting for some. Personally I found it a bit cringe and I wonder if they'll rewrite some of the dialogue. As for W3, plenty of people had legitimate gripes with that one on launch: the controls where sketchy and the combat poor. They improved all that stuff post release.
  11. Well my story went the same way, until a point !!! I sold my Amiga 600 HD and a ton of snes games during the mid-90s to Cash Converters of all places. Put the money towards my first PC, and thus began an obsession with champ manager, GTA, C&C RA and Starcraft, among others. I can't say I regret it today as it's possible to replace it (albeit at gouge rates), but I did learn my lesson. Since then I've kept all of my old computers, consoles and games. It's fun to break out the consoles especially at Xmas to play with the family... my bro will never beat me at Bomberman 2 !!
  12. There's a quick look on giant bomb. They liked it but it seemed a bit narrow in terms of scope, although thats not necessarily a bad thing in my view. Get it and tell us what you think!!!
  13. totally agree.It's nice to see Alex enjoying it, dodgy vehicle sections aside
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