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  1. erin

    Pot Luck?!?!

    aye, they're spot on now edit: oops, didnt realize i was logged on as 'er.
  2. erin

    Pot Luck?!?!

    You made me feel paranoid that I was going to over cook them so I think they're a little underdone now. Mind you it won't make much difference to craig, they're not going to last long with him about.
  3. erin

    Pot Luck?!?!

    I like the idea of a cake, particularly chocolate, but not sure if i'd get away with buying it, plus i kind of liked the idea of at least trying to make something. I say this now, in two weeks time it's likely I will be dashing to ASDA trying to find somethign that looks home made.
  4. erin

    Pot Luck?!?!

    Hi, Have a work "do" coming up in a couple of weeks and it was someone’s bright idea to do a Pot Luck thing for it, where everyone has to take along a dish. I'm definitely not a culinary master in the kitchen and can't think of anything I could do, any suggestions? Ideally it will be something I can make the day before, so it has to be something that'll last, and probably something which won't need heating up. Any ideas let me know, Thanks
  5. thanks, i was thinking of using the horror part too, or even instead but i'd need to check how stricked the brief is. Thanks again for getting back to me about it
  6. hi, Me once again, still working on my project involving Apocalypse Now and the poem. Just wondering if there was any chance anyone had the soundtrack which has two disc as the second disc apparently has the Hollow men being read on it? If anyone has would u be able to let me know how clear it is (Eg. has the background noise/voices been taken out) I've been trying to download it for a while now but am not having any luck and it's about £18 to buy i think which would seem a waste when i only want this one track. So if anyone has any suggests about how to get hold of it then please let me know Thanks
  7. thanks, definitly sounds like the sort of thing i might be looking for
  8. hmm reason i'm asking is because i have to produce a short 30sec-1min video that is based around a poem. Thought that if i could think of a film with a poem connected to it then i could make a sort of trailer. I'm lacking insperation at the moment
  9. Hi, Just wondering is anyone can think of any films that have poems within them? I'm sure there must be some but i just can't think of any. Erin x
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