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  1. This is scary! I'm using that as a focus button, is that right? i don't want to be getting into any bad habits. I've no fucking idea what's going on. Was it stanshall that said he wanted to change his name to "max buzz chain" by deed poll? He's funny!
  2. Works fine on windows 7 according to friendly cat on steam - https://steamcommunity.com/app/998990/discussions/0/1780513570969754930/
  3. Ugh. Another negging. I've probably got more dresses in my wardrobe than Illyria. I'm sure Delaney King didn't have to hand in her sense of humour along with her CV. I'm sure this was a well intentioned thread to begin with but considering it's long since degenerated into the twitter-sponsored saint olympics, is it time it was shipped off to off-topic along with the rest of the forums embarrassments? Fucking morons.
  4. Oh, right. I don't think I was being rude or patronising. I had to really think about a franchise I disliked, and it was more to do with a small toxic proportion of the fanbase than the games themselves.
  5. While I don't like the idea of saving my controversial opinions for the designated "safe" thread with the wipe down seat covers, it's reassuring to see the babyman poop flying regardless.
  6. Crysis. Someone on the cardiacs forum convinced me to drop all the settings as low as they'd go and play it as a stealth game. Mind blown. I don't think I've ever gone from actively hating to loving a game so much.
  7. If I'm not enjoying a game, I'll just delete it and move on. Often I'll see something being discussed in the switch thread and really have to rack my brains as to why I sacked it off, often I'll just say nowt as I can't remember! I don't think I hate or dislike any games or franchises, it's more that I just dislike the way AAA gaming has gone in general over the last ten years and have just opted out of it entirely at this point, it's all just boring, bland, dumbed down, homogenised shite and I don't think that can be blamed on any specific franchise. Tomb raider is a good example, I can't say I hate that franchise because it used to be great and I had so much fun playing those games but now it's just "the game", the same game everycunt else is making. Dead Space is another good example, an excellent survival horror game sanded down out of existence, turned into a bland third person shooter by cunts in suits. Far Cry started out really fun and crysis was the spiritual sequel, which, although still much maligned for being seen as nothing more than a benchmarking tool for future hardware, the actual gameplay was really good fun. I mean, I could go on. I think I might adopt that as my new catchphrase! Hang on, I might have one! Those hardcore gamers playing dark souls, swaggering around telling people to "git gud"? Get bent. Don't confuse perseverance and trial and error with skill. You completed dark souls? Oh good, now do it in realtime without credit feeding. Would be interesting to see some numbers on which die-hard dark souls fans gave up on dead cells before beating the final boss.
  8. I've heard people say this before and have never understood it. In both instances, you're controlling the camera. I've never heard anyone say "I can't get on with a pad for shooting, it feels like I'm controlling a remote controlled car" It's fine to have a preference, but you just make yourself look like you have a total lack of imagination when you say something like that. Gamers are very good at learning new skills. Sorry, not in the spirit of the thread, I know.
  9. Aw man, that was going so well. 2 spellbinding hours utterly squandered.
  10. Not saying I disagree with what you're implying, but AAA refers to budget rather than quality, doesn't it?
  11. Just noticed this on the psyvariar steam page. FUCK my rotten corpse CUNT Fuck it all, I'm going to Belgium.
  12. Ugh, unless all of those A's stand for "arcade" this is gonna be more boring shit, isn't it? May as well go the whole hog and make a 3rd person, open world, story driven action adventure, buy the "Plankton Man" license and throw in some quicktime combat to seal the deal. Rllmuks game of the year 2020. The nondescript, bloated, fat, daft knacker corpse of gaming drifts away on a sea of idiot piss and indifference. See ya!
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