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  1. Played this over ten times now...it's got better and better...
  2. That looks lovely mate
  3. Beefheart and his magic band - Strictly personal. Been into Beefheart for around ten years, still haven't heard all his records. This was one I've never owned and I'm loving it.
  4. Would take £80 for. (£27 under what it cost with import vat)
  5. Eno - Taking tiger mountain (by strategy) Such a playful record. I got into Eno through Roxy music a few years back.
  6. Dont want to sell, but may have to. Clean original goemons great adventure for usa n64. Also with original manual. One of the greatest games i've ever played. Pic to follow.
  7. Struggling to get into Astyanax. Going to try Nintendo world cup soon. I'm sure I finished this as a kid...
  8. Spiritualized. And nothing hurt x
  9. Just finished Joe and Mac on the NES. Super easy though. Astyanax is next up.
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