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  1. I can pick it up for £20 digitally or physical...is it worth that? Thank you for heads up on that too.
  2. Yes, ideally I'm going to enjoy the game then check out the amine... The demo is great....I think I get what the reviewers are saying. I'm sure I'd get a lot out of the full game though.
  3. Anyone played kill la kill? I downloaded the demo last night. Spent a bit of time on it...like it...the only other arena type game I played like this was jojo on Ps4... I don't know either anime. Going to pick up the full game.
  4. Such a record <3 (Edit Roxy music for your pleasure. 2nd studio record)
  5. I'm playing gradius on the famicom.....starting giving it some playtime since yesterday. It's defo doable. Great 8 bit conversion. Recently found out parodius da is on famicom, hoping to pick that up soon.
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