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  1. When my harness returns. I have Taito Chuka taisen arcade pcb. I'm excited about this.
  2. Rolling thunder and donkey Kong - famicom.
  3. Have gone through several crts...but now I have a larger room... I picked up a Sony trinitron 21" crt...couple of years now.. Anything and Rgb on this set is just beautiful! Best Trinitron I ever owned was a 24" they're just too big, but image was insane. I've not bothered with a broadcast monitor...when they were first on the scene, They weren't that expensive...but they're too pricey now..I think crts have gone up too. I only know this from looking for a friend, I'm so pleased with my set-up
  4. Toki is on sale, just over £5 worth every penny! It's a remastered arcade game, originally from tad corps. The remake is superb, could be good for the kids too...nice bright bold graphics and colours. Treat yourself, it's a blast!
  5. Scored a Japanese Taito 1988 Chuka taisen pcb from Tokyo. (Known as cloud master in the west)
  6. Wonder boy 3 Mega drive. Getting closer to a 1cc...
  7. No love for the Saturn shinobi. I love it!
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