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  1. It's a great port but if you can play the arcade version.... That would be the best
  2. Gradius is a great 8 bit conversion.. Last time I checked it was pretty much a £5 cart... Worth a try at this price... It's tough... Its all about powering up then memorising sections Its definitely doable and fun. The music is iconic
  3. My fave Sonic... Marble Zone. Sonic 1 mega drive/genesis
  4. Really like Amyl and the Sniffers (Australian)
  5. Any cricket fans in here from the BBC days....
  6. I'd upload pictures as I listen to them... I'm unable to add pictures to forum right now...
  7. There were two recent compilations released by trojan in the last couple of weeks. Available through trojan and amazon. They look fantastic. Some of the trojan compilations I have, red red wine and tighten up vol 2.... They're really good.... I can't wait to play my stuff on a decent system.
  8. Bass culture is a fine record. I understand the record before this is the one to get.... I haven't got round to it yet, although I've known about it a while... Lost a few bidding stuff.... Its only a £10-£20 record. I've happily lay in my room and listened to big youth all day. I'd recommend him to anyone new to reggae... Fun music... Sweet voise... Some amazing rhythms. I have 3 big youth records with one being a compilation.... If I had to sell my records... Big youth and beefheart would be the last to go! Inglan is a bitch and route 66 on bass culture are reall
  9. The original sonic on mega drive is my favourite sonic in the history of sonic the hedgehog. I had it on pal bitd. ... But I've played it so much over the years in 60hz. ... I have it in my current collection too
  10. Marble zone sonic There is actually a EU 50hz on YouTube *shudders*
  11. I enjoyed the original wonder boy in the arcades and finished it on the sms a few years ago... I thought the game ran a bit too long though. ..
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