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  1. Getting closer to finishing Asterix. Part of me wishes it was default no continues, to encourage finding the hidden lives etc... I mean I could of course just use discipline!
  2. I'll definitely look at getting the 2nd one, after I've completed the first though. I'll post up in this wonderful thread of course
  3. Sonic 2 seems easy enough and cheap enough to buy. I'm going to get back into asterix as that is so fab
  4. Yay! Just finished sonic with all 6 emeralds. Will pick up no2 on sms now. Really enjoyed it
  5. I completed Sonic last night but with 5 emeralds. I spotted the lifts on the right hand side of sky base 2....but I jumped up too early....I think and then finished the stage. Will try again soon.....just having morning coffee.
  6. I like that you can buy upgrades with points. It's a keeper. Ive just put sonic on...but enduro is getting played over the weekend
  7. Lorf...have you finished enduro? I played it earlier and I've not seen past the first few stages yet...
  8. Friday night Sonic coming up....I reckon this could be the night I finish it. I'll update. I've actually been playing random games thanks to Mike and games I have now. Time to finish Sonic!
  9. Quick play-through of 5 yesterday and now 5 today.
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