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  1. Easy to pick up, hard to put down. I think I spent at least 20 hrs of my playthrough on Gwent.
  2. I can max chain and no death the first 2 levels then it all turns to shit. I should stick at it, but the brownness bores me senseless.
  3. Gradius V > Ikaruga Although, I've owned Ikaruga on DC, GC, 360 and PC, and if it drops in price on PS4 I'll probably buy that too even though I promised myself that the Steam version would be the last since I got a rotating tate Dell monitor
  4. I feel responsible for evangelising the virtues of playing games and having with fun with like-minded people online as an escape from the idiots. Maybe it's time to leave it to the idiots because as usual they ruin everything and start hanging out on street corners again. Lesson learned - when something's good : shut the fuck up.
  5. Super Hydorah looks fantastic (watching the clip now). If you die are you respawned like Salamander or is it an annoying restart like Gradius/Nemesis? edit: no options/multiples - I'm out.
  6. I did it. Cut the cord. The last game I actively played online was Gears 3. Black Ops 4, Titanfall 2, Destiny 2 and Overwatch are tempting though. It's not the games I have a problem with, it's the calibre of human one finds online now. I already have serial killer level contempt for the species as it is, the quality of randoms now just cements it. It used to be fun to drop in on a quick few games of deathmatch CoD4 or Halo 3 with an IRL mate or an online chum, but now it's just excruciating. Now the people who would have made fun of you for playing games online make up the majority of people you find playing games online. The same people who would have made fun of you for using the internet as a new form of communication who now sit on Facebook all day sharing pics of their scabby council estate lives.
  7. He had a bad week, he's been otherwise exceptional. Manon wasn't. Making 'fuck me' eyes at Hollywood didn't cut it. Credit to Hollywood.
  8. Bono loves war criminals and helped sell a fake 'peace process.' Great band live though, especially when they play their old stuff, but not when Bono thinks he's channelling Lucifer which is a bit cringe. Marilyn Manson and Bowie did it better.
  9. Yar. Beckham kicked my ass a few times for sure. Not as difficult as say Ninja Gaiden, but the main game doesn't prep you for how tough some of the DLC is.
  10. Ian Ossia and Nigel Dawson are better DJs than John Digweed which is a credit to Digweed in fairness, since he gave them both their break.
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