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  1. Who thought we needed this?
  2. I can almost sense the love radiating off this post and the love of Mother. May be another fact... There are no Dutch elms left in Britian Please give this a like on YouTube. It will help me out and ill love you forever. Anyone that also leaves a comment will be sent a washed 5p coin and half a Twix.
  3. Guaranteed to be the 2nd best film you've ever seen called 'Mother'* So, I wrote, directed and edited this. My first short since college. Filmed in October 2017 the week after my Nan passed away. Quite overwhelming. Then with a mixture of work, freelance and trepidation about editing the perfect vision I had had in my head for the last year, it then was a further 2 years before I had it finished. Original music added and here we are. Boring facts. -Shot on GH5, -Budget (minus equipment) about £1300. -I filmed the daughter's part 1.5 years after the original. It was always the intention to not film on the same night. But a week/month later. Not a year or more. -I've just remembered I need to sell the doll. *Excluding Pornhub
  4. Fantastic. Completed just now, in one sitting. One of those games I'd had in my radar then library for years. Utterly captivating. wonderfully creative. Cried like a big twat as the credits rolled.
  5. Finished. What a game. Xen was even more incredible than I imagined from when I last mentioned it above. They did an amazing job. Wow.
  6. Playing through this again with Xen (public beta but I think all the levels/story is done..) I played it without Xen 5 or so years ago. I can't compare through memory but playing it today it looks superb. They've done an amazing job. Xen so far is an achievement. It's exciting to play. Original Xen was tedious and dull. I recommend anyone who hasn't to buy and support this game. It truly is amazing from start to (I'm almost there, and I hope (finish).
  7. Am enjoying this. Style over substance but nice to play something different. However, I don't really feel like I know what the hell is going on. Guess it's meant to be like that?...
  8. This game is unbelievably good. I genuinely have not been this amazed by a game in a long time. One quibble is that I *think* on a few occasions I have found a lifepod and then xhours later when the story wants me to know about it it'll tell me as if I haven't been there before. I just went back to Lifepod 4 after the story told me to go there and there was a new PDA that wasn't there first time round.
  9. I'm not doing the survival mode which I believe means I don't need to feed myself. Certainly haven't so far. From what you say it sounds like you've only used them for health/food purposes?
  10. 5 hours in and am loving this. Great to play a game that doesn't hold your hand. One question though, are the floating storage containers almost pointless? I've dumped one just outside my life pod but I don't see the point in storing it anywhere else as it can't be moved when full.
  11. Some recent images from my Instagram. All on GH5.
  12. Easily top 10 game for me. Adored it. Still haven't played the dlc though.
  13. Is Spec Ops called Co Op? I remember Spec Ops in MW2 having challenges or goals. In the first and only one I have available to me now it just seems like an endless horde of enemies and it looks more MP orientated than I remember.
  14. I only ever play SP these days. It's the best SP COD in a long while. That said there is nothing new. It's linear, its loud. I'm having fun with it but I currently am not looking to replay it.
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