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  1. Just refunded it. I'm too dumb for it.
  2. Enjoying this. Despite being stumped at a very early stage and feeling like an idiot.
  3. This looks like a straight up 9 or 10 although I won’t believe it until I’m playing it myself. something doesn’t sit right that it’s day 1 Gamespass.
  4. Skim reading a lot of positivity on this game now. Has the patches dramatically changed this game since launch?
  5. Completed this nonsense. Baffling controls. no emotional attachment. They clearly had bigger ideas for the dog and couldnt code/magic it to work properly. Ending was utter wank and tedious and went on and on until it suddenly didn't.
  6. Clearly you’re meant to emotionally connect with being a family at the start of this game but the main fucking character doesn’t give a damn about his dog that fucks off almost immediately. as an owner of two tender little poppets I can’t get on board with this.
  7. I endured this. It certainly had something to it. It's nicely animated. There are unique/interesting story elements. The forboding of the The ending: I'll hand it to the creators that they had a vision and I'm sure in the trailer there was more to the 5
  8. Yip, I couldn't give a fuck about this stupid thing now. I'm late 2022, early 23. Cant wait to play it for 10 minutes when it finally arrives...
  9. Apparently you can't freely jump in this? Sounds like a massive development limitation if that's the case.
  10. Thanks @Cyhwuhx. Appreciate the info. This isn't for me then. I'll look up some or your recommendations. I stopped playing Blasphemous. It's really good but so hard.
  11. I got this for Christmas, knowing very little about it. Apart from that it was Metroidvania.. Which is obviously isn't. I've played for about an hour and as its not what I was expecting I'm not fully enjoying it. Despite that I do like various aspects. What sort of progression happens in a game like this? So far it seems like the levels aren't really the interest. It's more about leveling up. Is there a world to explore like in Metroid? Any hints and tips on what I should be doing?
  12. I've now got all diamonds. Bought most stuff and am on the final boss now. It really is a great game. Let down slightly by it's controls. I'm looking forward to finishing it though.
  13. Its the same room where 100 dashes gives you a reward. Also 800 dashes gives you a second reward. Im currently on 30.
  14. Yeah, ive progressed a bit since my last post. 8 corners in all but the East area. Im struggling with the dash too. Let's be honest it's a fucking nightmare and im sure to a few it's beyond criticism but it can suck my dog's nutsack.
  15. On Switch is the map completely fucked? I don't seem to move around in real time on the map. Also the purple dots don't seem to relate to where I'm collecting the purple corners. Should I be able to get all 4 corners from each section from the get go? I've got 2 from the North and 2 from the east and then I couldn't find a path to get the remaining. I've now got the sword upgrade and double dash and I'm on 3 corners from the West.
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