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  1. Belgium are relentlessly pedestrian. Seen more urgency from a sloth. Great second. Morocco thoroughly deserve this.
  2. In the cold light of day, it’s important to reflect on the best part of yesterday. Imagine the scene, tutor time, Senegal game on. Me: Who’s that player on the subs’ bench? Football Obsessed Student (FOS): Name. Me: Yep, that’s what I’m asking. FOS: Moustapha Name. Me: Yeah, I know he must. What is it? FOS: What is wrong with you? That’s his name. Who needs a cost of living pay rise when you’re getting paid to smash out the dad jokes.
  3. My investment in a Japan shirt already paying off. What a cracking second goal, although the German defence was pretty ropey..
  4. Wakes up. Turns cricket on. Sees score. Turns cricket off.
  5. Van Bronkhurst sacked. Stevie G incoming…
  6. Can’t the camera folk zoom in on a sad Emir and Infantino deep in conversation. “This is not what I paid for.”
  7. Was it because the attacker was slightly behind the keeper? Don’t you need keeper and a defender in front of you or you’re offside?
  8. The accommodation looks great and such value for money. I hope this tournament is an utter disaster. 6,500 dead migrant workers treated as little more than a mishap by FIFA, the shameful toads.
  9. To be fair to him it was only the once odd 235 times..
  10. That’s a pretty broad request. Fact/fiction? Genre?
  11. That's a poor, poor goal to give away by Villa. Luiz seems to have dropped off since getting that new contract.
  12. When I rule the world, everyone that has talked this game up on here is going to be sent to the same pit that all those fuckers who got me into Hades are going to. 'I'll have one quick go to see what everyone's waffling on about' turned into 'mad rush to get the youngest to football on time'. A 5 minute nosey turned into a 3 hour sesh. This could test my relationships.
  13. Brentford were great there, held City off well and the CB’s handled Haaland. Actually thought the ref had a really decent game too, didn’t fall for any of the City theatrics in the penalty area.
  14. Hope we don't see any injuries over the weekend's fixtures. Wonder whether there is ever any chat about putting a few reducers on a World Cup opponent, ie.Adams on Kane later. I can imagine the 1990 Argentina team would have given it a go, they were a nasty bunch.
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