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  1. Lost in my case; as I said, I’ve now bought a second hand copy off someone on here.
  2. Probably just following Liverpool’s approach against Shrewsbury last year.
  3. As a Leicester fan, I'd personally like to thank Ole for at least giving us a chance of getting something out of the game. We'll still stuff things up but it's nice to have a bit of hope..
  4. Well, that anecdotal example really proves your point, compared to the really poor sales figures. Housemarque have been utterly hamstrung by Sony's pricing. If you genuinely don't think a £70 price point is an issue - despite the damning sales - then you really haven't got a clue. They've lost a load of sales from people who clearly can afford £70 for a game but choose not to. A number of members have said on here that they would have purchased at £45-50 but that £70 was too much. It's a ridiculous pricing strategy for a game of this type. The £50 I would have spent on purchasing
  5. As if Kane needed any further incentive to leave.
  6. Looking forward to this. She’s probably my favourite writer and she’s got a wonderful voice to boot. Just wish she was a bit more prolific. Ended up getting Something Wicked, the Orwell Collection, Centuries of Change, the Arsene autobiography and Dear Joan and Jericha from the 2 for 1. On top of The Premonition by Michael Lewis and Press Reset by Jason Schreier. Going to need to go out for a lot of long walks to get through that.
  7. Current 2 for 1 is much better than normal. Adam Buxton’s Ramble book, Dear Joan and Jericho, Wenger’s autobiography, Wolf Hall, Stephen Fry reads Orwell, Normal People, Various Ishiguro, The Fifth Season etc might of interest to some.
  8. Sure is. I’ll have to look into whether this is the issue. Think it might also be that it’s plugged into the VR box too.
  9. I was having horrendous drift and buttons not responding on my controller. Figured I’d have to send it away and bring an inpatient soul I just ordered a new controller. I have exactly the same issue with this new controller which would lead me to presume this is a console rather than controller issue. Has anyone else had this issue? Infuriating.
  10. As much as the COVID issues there’s the environmental cost too. In an ordinary year, you can’t really change the final venue because hotel bookings and flights will have been made. That will still be the case to a lesser extent but seems daft to have it in Istanbul in the most of a global pandemic when the country is in lockdown. There definitely needs to be a bit more flexibility in this area. Do think that football needs to start addressing climate change now. There was a decent environmental episode on the Guardian Football Weekly podcast recently and the owner of Forest
  11. TBF to Rodgers, I’m amazed we’ve been up there at all this season with the amount of injuries to key players we’ve had. I’d take 8th if it meant we could finally win the FA Cup.
  12. Rather you guys get a Top 4 place over us, than ESL wooden spoon competitors, Spurs and Arsenal. TBF we've deserved the sum total of fuck all from this game. And we weren't much better against 10 men Southampton.
  13. Maddison has been pretty poor since he came back from injury and his COVID party. Vardy looks like he'll never score again. Soyuncu and Fofana looked utterly lost without Evans to marshall them. Perreira still looks like he's on wis way back from injury. Tielemans is probably planning to get his agent on the blower to City or Barca tomorrow. A really naive performance. We may still get a Champions' League place and/or the FA Cup. I'd have taken a European place and a final appearance at the start of the season. We tend to do quite well against the top 6, so I'm hopeful.
  14. We've been diabolical. Evans getting injured before the start was less than ideal.
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