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  1. Sounds like a plan. Can't remember which of us are in Canada/USA and which are in Asia but I'm sure I have a few from each area. My trainer code is 9651 0692 2958 and Trainer name is same as on here.
  2. Don't get me wrong, Sky have done an awful lot to improve the standard of football coverage, tactical understanding and broadening the range of pundits, but they do talk up stuff to a frustrating degree and make some dopey decisions. Super Sunday, Destiny Day, the endless Breaking News ticker, using Merson in Sky Bet ads etc. It obviously works.
  3. I know Sky have to talk up games and make it seem like shock results will be on the cards, but their constant reference to Liverpool’s injuries is increasingly annoying. Leicester have 3 of their first choice back four out, as well as Ndidi. The way Sky are waffling on it’s as if Liverpool have got their U19s out.
  4. All episodes on Sky Atlantic - 5th December.
  5. Me: You will be in tomorrow to accept delivery of my PS5, right? Dear Wife: Hopefully, I’ve got to pop out though for an hour or so. Me: What for? DW: Kindling I subsequently offered to chop down a tree to ensure she receives delivery of the PS5. Good luck all, especially the GAMErs and my Very brethren.
  6. The Flypaper was one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen. Has stayed with me ever since I watched it as a youngling.
  7. I saw a lot of issues with Amazon (myself included) but wasn’t aware that Very had similar issues? Gulp.
  8. The jack won’t fit into the QC25 port, as they have some proprietary port/jack issue. Was surprised that the Sennheiser port was an issue as well. I have the Sony Gold headset to be using for a while and a cheap Turtle Beach headset purloined from the kids for the Series X for the time being. Just annoying that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ option for the new consoles.
  9. It’s similar to what they did with my Series X order and that was fine. Without wishing to tempt fate, I’d be more relaxed with a Very order than anywhere else, despite the lack of an update email. A lot of their PS5 orders will be credit orders and so there’s even more financial rewards for Very in getting these to folks on release day.
  10. I bought the V Moda Boom Mic to use with either my Bose QC25 or my Sennheiser Momentum 2 overear headphones and neither of them work with it. Buyers remorse: should have checked first. Has anyone used it with either of those headphones? I’d be happy to spend on a headset that works with PS5 and Series X but it seems there’s no perfect set out there.
  11. Have you checked your order recently? Next to the delivery date it should say when the order was last checked by them. Mine was checked yesterday and there’s no negative update so fingers are resolutely crossed.
  12. I’m still waiting on a Very update, but keep the faith. My Series X was on time, updates from Yodel were spot on and the communication was decent throughout. For the weeks from ordering to delivery I kept getting emails from Very saying that everything was on track for my purchase to be with me on release day. It was like having an unwell kid in the back of your car, repeatedly being reassured that everything was fine and they weren’t going to be sick, shortly before the little git fucked everything up and threw up Fruit Shoot and Frosties all over the car.
  13. Think it just shows the limitations we have at the back and that Southgate continues to be a safety first manager. Under him we’ll beat some decent teams with functional, counter attacking displays but I can’t see us playing flowing attacking football.
  14. Probably worth putting it through a washing machine cycle to get rid of the piss before you go to return it.
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