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  1. I didn't realise that having one hand on it deemed it under control. Kasper is pretty good at moaning about every goal we concede so knew he'd be remonstrating or writhing as soon as that hit the back of the net. I think we've been the better team but our utter inability to defend set pieces is laughable; if I was playing us, I'd be trying to win corners at every opportunity.
  2. Think Villa should have that goal.
  3. Love me a bit of float house and chamber psyche.
  4. The much lauded (frequently by me, and others) Station Eleven by Emily St Mandel is 99p today.
  5. Got this coffee advent calendar. Quite a weird setup but basically you get a pouch with ground coffee in. Pour hot water into it, leave for a few minutes then pour out of the spot for a fairly decent espresso. You can reuse the pouches too. New pouch every day.
  6. You realise he's not refereeing this game, right?
  7. United have to feel pretty hard-done there. That's a Liverpool beachball goal.
  8. Would you kindly make this bear have a Xmas hat please? A Xmas tree wouldn't go amiss either. Fancy a change. Ta!
  9. I was on my phone when I typed that list (don't ask). Anyway, bit more on The Only Plane in the Sky, which I recommended above. It's an exhaustingly researched account of what happened on 9/11 through the words of over 500 people who were directly involved. From rescue workers to survivors, it’s an incredibly absorbing work that took the best part of 10 years to write. Would recommend this to anyone who has a passing interest in this. The audiobook is fantastic too. In Splendid and the Vile Erik Larson shows how Churchill taught the British people "the art of being fearless." It is a story of political brinkmanship, but it's also an intimate domestic drama, set against the backdrop of Churchill's prime-ministerial country home, Chequers; his wartime retreat, Ditchley, where he and his entourage go when the moon is brightest and the bombing threat is highest; and of course 10 Downing Street in London. Drawing on diaries, original archival documents, and once-secret intelligence reports--some released only recently--Larson provides a new lens on London's darkest year through the day-to-day experience of Churchill and his family: his wife, Clementine; their youngest daughter, Mary, who chafes against her parents' wartime protectiveness; their son, Randolph, and his beautiful, unhappy wife, Pamela; Pamela's illicit lover, a dashing American emissary; and the advisers in Churchill's "Secret Circle," to whom he turns in the hardest moments. It's another superb book by Larson. I have no major interest in WW2 and found it utterly illuminating. Lily Allen's autobiography is another decent read, somewhat surprisingly. It elicits a mixture of bemusement, sympathy and eye-raising but is entertaining throughout. Both are up there with the very best I've read in the last 2 years. Well with the financial and time investment.
  10. Ho, ho, ho..ly shit, there’s a few decent offerings this month. Now that Omicron has cancelled your office Xmas party, I’m bringing the party games to you, by adding some stinkers to the mix. Hunt away.. The Splendid and The Vile by Erik Larson Must buy - fully recommended Garrett M. Graff - The Only Plane in the Sky: The Oral History of 9/11 Another fully recommended. Billy Connolly - Made In Scotland: My Grand Adventures in a Wee Country £1.99 Ian Dunt - How To Be A Liberal: The Story of Freedom and the Fight for its Survival £2.89 James Elroy - American Tabloid Drew Karpyshyn - Star Wars: Darth Bane - Path of Destruction Arkady Strugatsky - Roadside Picnic The Trial by Franz Kafka Empire of the Sun by J G Ballard Hogfather by Terry Prachett Toast by Nigel Slater Neuromancer by William Gibson Lily Allen - My Thoughts Exactly £1.49 Revelation Space by Alistair Reynolds Bounce by Matthew Syed Yanis Varoufakis- Another Now: Dispatches from an Alternative Present Drama Queen by Sara Gibbs Inverted World by Christopher Priest Margaret Thatcher by Margaret Thatcher Doomsday Book by Connie Willis Mockingbird by Walter Tevis A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming Wool by Hugh Howey This Is How They Tell Me The Works Ends by Nicole Perloth £3.49 The Power of the Dog by Don Wilmslow Me: Moir by Vic Reeves Stardust by Neil Gaiman The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis Philip: The Final Portrait by Gyles Brandreth The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin Marc 'Elvis' Priestley The Mechanic: The Secret World of the F1 Pitlane Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke Troy Denning Halo: Shadows of Reach £1.99 Joe Haldeman - The Forever War: Forever War Book 1 (Forever War Series) James O'Brien - How To Be Right: … in a world gone wrong Andrew Ridgeley - Wham! George & Me
  11. Norwich really are extremely dull and devoid of any creativity. Josh Sargent gives me hope that I can still play professional football.
  12. Looks like we have a new contender for dumbest red card of the season.
  13. The second half has been a real struggle. After the 5th goal the groundsmen came on with a leaf blower and a broom to reveal the lines again.
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