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  1. Squires on VAR is, unsurprisingly, majestic.
  2. Might be that more folks have moved to Pros or that latter releases are really starting to max out performance of the PS4. My Pro can be bloody loud at times which is why I play a lot of the games with headphones.
  3. As someone who has spent a stupid amount of money on new consoles and no doubt will again, what is a teraflop?
  4. What utter bollocks. VAR can't even be consistent in the same fucking game now.
  5. More like Fruit Salads, no?
  6. Le Celso won't receive retrospective action for his stamp, the FA have now confirmed. What an absolutely ridiculous state off affairs.
  7. Espanyol’s stadium is quite nice and it’s next to a shopping centre, although there weren’t any bars when I last went there. There’s a part of the stadium that has Iniesta’s shirt from the World Cup Final which he gave in memory of Dani Jacque, who was the Espanyol captain when he died at 26. The stadium tour is pretty decent too. Atmosphere in the stadium was great. Enjoy!
  8. 9. Foundation by Isaac Asimov - Haven’t read this for over 20 years, but felt the urge to revisit the series. As good as I remembered. 10. Ayoade on Ayoade by Richard Ayoade. Should really have bought this as an audiobook. He’s a fairly distinctive comedian and think this would have been much better in his voice than my interpretation. It’s pretty self-indulgent and really needs his delivery and surrealist tone.
  9. Just diabolical decision making by the referee and VAR. Really spoiling enjoyment of the game now.
  10. Whoops. Wrong thread.
  11. Football/Championship Manager. Playing through for enough seasons to get the reincarnation of Lionel Messi as a 16 year old playing for Stockport.
  12. The hypocrisy of Real and Barca on issues like this always makes me laugh. Real’s training ground scandal, the fact both were getting state aid and some truly creative accounting are illustration of their approach to fair play. And whilst Premiership teams aren’t without criticism, the decision of the Spanish FA to have the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia as a PR sycophancy stunt speaks volumes.
  13. Disallowed goal aside I didn’t think much of us or Wolves last night. Both teams looked rusty and there were an awful lot of wayward passes. Chilwell played like Maguire did once he’d found out that clubs were interested in him. If he carries on that form I’d have no concerns with him leaving for £50m at the end of the season. Vardy was a spectator and we don’t look the same without Ndidi.
  14. I wouldn't have had an issue with that being given. Seems very harsh.
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