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  1. They get better as the series progresses ( only 3 episodes though). Pot hole man is a treat. The guy who does them used to do rap battles on Don’t Flop which are worth seeking out.
  2. Eriksen looks likely to go to Brentford, unless another club comes in for him today. With their Danish influence and Frank having managed him before, would be a decent signing for player and team.
  3. Wordle 211 2/6 I only went with my starting word for reasons that will become clear soon.
  4. Stopharage


    If I buy a bad bag, I tend to use it to make Saturday football coffee for the various parents at the kids' football. Take 3 flasks of coffee along and so far, I've not had to be linesman for 3 years.
  5. I'd imagine it's because Game have decided to bundle a PS5 with a Call of Duty t-shirt and a year sub to PS Now for the bargain price of £729.
  6. £20m seems a decent fee for him then. Hope you get to spend that in this window and stay up as a result, sending Newcastle and Wood down.
  7. 2. The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi. Part Jurassic Park, part Men in Black. Via an access point to an alternate dimension, mankind has discovered kaiju running freely. Machinations and skulduggery ensues. It’s a fairly light piece of sci-fi, rattles along at a decent pace and is interesting enough without being particularly original. The author explains as much in the afterword.
  8. Chris Wood appears to be on his way to Newcastle from Burnley. @Plissken- is he out of contract soon? Seems a really bad idea to help strengthen a rival club at this time.
  9. I have access to them and have never played Gamepass on PC.
  10. I watched both AFCON games yesterday and the standard of the commentary was so poor, it had me wishing for Sam Matterface. it was truly that bad.
  11. I'm hoping that the England batting performances aren't realistic.
  12. Wordle 202 5/6 Deserved a 5. Who in their right mind starts with as their first word?
  13. Wordle 201 4/6 I have the best of intentions to start with the same word every day. Then when every day turns up I’ve forgotten what I did on the previous day.
  14. I’ve only just got into Rewards as I’m using my Xbox much more than my PS5. Do the Quests only appear in the Gamepass tab and not in the Rewards tab? If so, are there any other rewards that I’m potentially missing out on as they’re hidden away somewhere?
  15. What's great about this game is that it does an awful lot with a limited setting and stripped back gameplay. Character development is better done than in games 10 times its length.
  16. Wordle 200 5/6 Annoying to get 4 letters correct on the 2nd go and then take a further 3 attempts to get it right. Hmmmm.
  17. Trippier played under Howe at Burnley too, so I'm sure that's another (minor) reason why he's happy to go there. It's obviously all about the money but there must be some pride at being lined up as the first signing under the new ownership.
  18. The Pedestrian is a decent puzzler and Gorogoa is a wonderful game; not particularly long but some really nice gameplay elements.
  19. Group of us were playing a hammers only match on Red Faction. The youngest started crying so I went upstairs to get them, popped them on my shoulder and carried on playing. Was then given the official gaming title of 'The Baby Whisperer'. The Vault of Glass raid on Destiny was pretty special though; moreso now that one of the guys who we completed it with passed away. Have great memories of the trials and tribulations along the way and the rush of finishing the raid successfully.
  20. My target is the same as last year - 40 books. First book down and I can't recommend it. 1. How to Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie. Protagonist wants to kill their family for a reason that millions endure. Some killing occurs. Wholly unlikeable main character. Some genuinely dumb chapters with characters doing dopey things. Fair few plot holes. Absolutely shits the bed with the ending. No idea why I was bought this for Xmas. Think this has done well on the back of the author's mates in the media. It is not a good book. Set your bar low early on and the rest of the year can only be better.
  21. Nice to see Jones back for your lot and having a decent first half. Poor guy has suffered pelters in the past and it's obviously impacted on his mental health, which is totally understandable.
  22. Totally agree with the second sentence, Richards isn't particularly insightful but does have a genuine love of the game and isn't afraid to challenge other pundits' opinions. Some of those professional contrarians, such as Keane, are great in fits and starts but become a bit trying after a while. As for Matterface, I have to disagree. The guy is appalling. You just know that for every game he has a load of puns at the ready, which are incredibly forced and tenuous. I'm waiting for Watford's Daniel Bachmann to tip a shot over the bar, just so Matterface can finally utter his 'Bachmann Turner Overbar' line he's had bubbling away for a few weeks.
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