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  1. I spent most seasons why you would trust her with anything, even a run to the shops for milk. And yet every season confidential informants kept coming out of the woodwork ready to sacrifice their children.
  2. Thread title doesn't matter since this is the Hamilton thread anyhow.
  3. Just curious- when you say "read" do you mean how the character speaks? Or the background and origin etc?
  4. Which Boss in Origins gave you bother? Of the first three games the only boss I remember struggling with was Titan Joker at the end of Asylum. I really, really, really wish WB would put one of these games on the Switch.....
  5. So I can finally come into this thread, having just finished s7. I'm in the same boat as a lot of you it seems. Never saw Clone Wars first time out, but watched all of Rebels as it came out. In Rebels I was aware that Ahsoka had been Anakin's apprentice in the Clone Wars show but I had no other context. So, in preparation for s7 I watched the episodes recommended here: https://nerdist.com/article/star-wars-clone-wars-15-essential-episodes-arcs/ I have nothing more to add to what's already been mentioned- that 4-part finale was excellent, and I'm very captivated by the characterisation of Ahsoka! By accident rather than design I was at a Star Wars Celebration event a few years back at Disney World where the guests were all actors who I knew of (Ahmed Best, Peter Mayhew, James Arnold Taylor) and one who was so anonymous to my own knowledge that even now I have very little memory of her in the event itself- Ashley Eckstein. That's probably going to be one of my life's biggest regrets- to have not known who she was, and to not have paid attention to her presence. Rosario Dawson has very big shoes to fill.
  6. They scored badly in GamesTM (Or was it Edge?). Anyhow the trend from Spider-man 2 - Ultimate Spider-man - Spider-Man 3 - Shattered Dimensions - Whatever Shattered Dimensions Sequel was called was of diminishing returns by that point, so I had no faith. In the meantime the Arkham series had sprung into existence.
  7. I was very disappointed by it. After having had 4 open world games by that point it felt like a major step back into late 90s/early 00s territory. Tried each of the characters then gave up. Never bothered with sequel, and paradoxically was so pissed off with the studio I didn't even try the Garfield movie tie-ins either.
  8. That episode of Rebels was as massive as the Hodor episode in GoT, for me. Time travel, in effect, being introduced into the universe that hadn't had a sniff of such a thing. Both episodes blew my mind. And the creators thankfully had the sense to leave it at that.
  9. But surely it is the card issuer?
  10. Vin Diesel will kick you in the bollocks for that.
  11. It should also be said that if you attempt to build a franchise, you will likely fail. The first movie has to be built as a standalone movie that is excellent in its own right. Then the public will demand more. I really doubt Pirates of the Caribbean was ever conceived as a series.
  12. Is part of the problem that there are only so many slots in the year in which to release a film without too much competition in the weeks afterwards? The Star Wars, Marvel and DC movies take up the big all ages slots, the animated releases take up the kids slots, leaving a few slots left for the 15/R movies that are the most successful in that bracket.
  13. It feels like we are on Season 3 or 4 of Constantine by now!
  14. I'm a big fan of the Arrowverse- but all four's current seasons have been very weak. I've only seen up to Crisis for Batwoman and it's much the same quality, and now that they are writing the main character out I'm not sure if I have it in me to bother with the remaining 2/3rds of the season. Admittedly each of the main four have had weak seasons in the past, but I don't recall all four (five now) being so bad at the same time. Unlikely to bother with Stargirl. We've had to ignore strong Amazon and Netflix shows due to constant pressure to remove Sky One/Living shows from the V+ and Sky Boxes over the years so I think these current seasons might be a good jumping off point now.
  15. What was the Dean Cain issue? His absence on Supergirl is very conspicuous.
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