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  1. Martin Freeman's comments do not fill me with confidence for BP2: https://www.comicbookmovie.com/black_panther/black_panther_2/black-panther-wakanda-forever-star-martin-freeman-says-the-sequel-is-very-odd-but-were-in-for-a-treat-a184725#gs.0pthyc
  2. What about a poll? Pick your top 3 or top 5?
  3. Not gonna lie- I just googled how to pronounce omega!
  4. I'm not convinced Ryan Coogler has the skill to do a blockbuster that can deliver good action sequences and a decent story.
  5. Knowing nothing of the owner of that tweet I should point out that someone who was pro-immigration could type out the same words.
  6. I thought Sam's speech had less weight than the closing remarks of a junior high school debating team myself. The costume looked unusually puffy/children superhero costume- this could have been forgivable if it was shown to have some special abilities. This entire series has been very poor on the whole. The only way I can forgive it is if there was a plague/biological warfare plot point that had to be cut completely and the only way to fix that was to pad out the episodes with all the filmed material that would normally be dropped. The showrunner has been g
  7. Just a thought I had, following a leak I read today about Can you name stories (movies, TV shows, books, games etc) where the Statue of Liberty has been destroyed?
  8. As I typed that Harry Kane scored. He looks very similar to Wyatt Russell!
  9. My wife fell asleep during this. At 830pm. Not pitch dark outside. And she has been off on annual leave this week. 99 times out of 100 I will wake her up so that she doesn't miss something crucial. But I couldn't make that argument here. It's shite this. If Loki turns out crap I have genuine concern about the future of the MCU on Disney plus shows.
  10. Don't the newer writers of newer stories get more these days though?
  11. Where does it rank among the DCEU for you?
  12. What is wrong with you people? I have seen The Winter Soldier and Civil War dozens of times- not only are they my favourite MCU movies, they're among my favourite ever movies full stop. Zemo is one of the best MCU villains to date, bettered only by Loki. Emily Vancamp is gorgeous and I can't comprehend anybody forgetting her.... .....but, yes, this series is crap.
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