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  1. Aw. It would have been interesting to see how many more would have had a bite.
  2. Yes- solo and family tiers are now double the lower tier.
  3. I don't understand why both new tiers are double the lower tier. Shouldn't it be the previous tier PLUS £18 for the two new tiers?
  4. Time to avoid this thread until I see the film. I know, Covid, but it feels unfair to have reviews and spoilers this far ahead of its release date.
  5. I didn't realise the two Picards were intentional- and have voted for the wrong one.....
  6. I was thinking- with the massive advances that have been made in astronomy since the original series- if it now time for this reboot (or any space based sci-fi show) to start to assume there isn't much in the way of space-faring civilisations out there in our galaxy- and start to look at an intergalactic solution instead?
  7. Just do what Star Wars does- go back to the original time period....
  8. When Killmonger first showed up in this series I wondered if it was an attempt to redeem the character and bring Michael B Jordan back into the MCU. But they really have doubled down on him being a villain it seems!
  9. I think it's safe to say it won't be two middle aged white dudes as the leads. Indeed for the same reasons I think there will be a lot more than two regular cast members.
  10. A lot of great shows you are safer starting with season 2- Parks and Recreation, DS9, Buffy, maybe even Babylon 5!
  11. I found all of the new cast very boring. Ade Edmondsen's character only got like three lines and was far more interesting.
  12. Actually, that might be how she gets her powers. Some sort of energy transfer between the two, not that different to her origin in the comics.
  13. I liked this one, probably the most, as I haven't been that impressed with the series so far. The guy voicing Stark does a FAR better job of emulating RDJ than most of the regular voice cast doing themselves. Which is kinda preposterous.
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