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  1. I would like to put forward the March 1988 issue of Newsfield's excellent "The Games Machine." This was the one that featured Rare Ltd. on the cover. I can clearly remember buying the magzine and standing reading it in my local computer shop of choice. I was gobsmacked to read that Ultimate had another side to the company and had been making games for Nintendo for the previous four years. That was a genuine world exclusive. It had a real impact on me. I began saving for a NES and bought one soon after the official UK launch. https://rk.nvg.ntnu.no/sinclair/industry/publishers/ultimate_tgm.htm - here's a link to the text of the article.
  2. Am trying to think who that 'higher-up Producer' was so I can blame them. The name escapes me though. Can't think why. I can share this though - there are very few conspiracy theories in game development. If there is a world where the developers aren't responsible for what they make, and 'shadowy higher-ups' force decisions on teams, then I'm lucky to say that I've never had any of that. I've always been able to make exactly what I wanted to make. I'd agree to a delivery date and then be pretty much left to it. It was always 'just deliver a good game' and that was that. You can't get fairer than that really. It was probably like that in the demo - and then QA overseas and QA here put it down as an 'unfair' bug. So it got changed. Simple as that.
  3. anyone know where I can a USB spinner? Hankering for some proper 'Tempest' play. Can find the spinners for sale. Does anyone do it all in one?
  4. I can add a literal example. In our fully licensed authentic full simulation of Golf (using authentic real rules) "Dangerous Golf" - you can play the Ball backwards off the Tee and have it bounce off and break the glass on your TV screen. As someone who was amazed by the genius of Garry Shandling's pioneering sitcom in the 1980's - this seemed like a fun way to literally 'break the 4th wall' in a game.
  5. FYI - the unskippable cut scenes was a last minute bug. They were only ever intended to be watched once. Then you could SKIP. IIRC we finalled it over a weekend in Jan - having worked through most of Christmas. There was a disc cut and sent as FINAL by courier. We sat and played it through and found that bug and fixed it. There was another bug to do with how far one of the guns could fire as well. Fixed that and sent another disc off as FINAL Gold Master. IIRC (and it's a long time ago now) from our POV - the 'wrong' disc was mastered and pressed. And we were told the second run of mastering would use the new disc. I suspect that never happened. Game 'had to go' on the date etc.
  6. I'm sure it is. I just don't purchase physical items at all these days. I'll wait for the digital version.
  7. Thanks. I'll be getting in touch with the Arcade World folks in the week ahead.
  8. Thanks Phillv85. Just browsing the ukvac forum looking at the guy who has built the shed to house his cab collection. The BEST arcade I've ever visited was at the house of game developer Archer Maclean. A truly amazing collection.
  9. OK so my Mayflash 300 turned up in the week. A good start. Surprised how different it is to play with joystick again after so many years. Quite wonderful. So need to swap the buttons out - anyone recommend a good place to buy from? As I thought, the stick is just like on my Cab. The top ball bit spins and the stem of the stick rotates as well. Call me geriatric but is there a way to tighten it? I took it apart but it's new to me. Update - looking at these https://www.arcadeworlduk.com/products/Happ-Ultimate-Arcade-Button.html do i need 'the full microswitch' kit? - looks like these are the type of buttons I need...
  10. Really want to read your book. Is there a digital version coming? Or can I pay you £24.99 to get it digitally?
  11. I enjoyed reading this thread. Whilst I have kept my early microcomputers, I don't feel the need to keep the physical hardware anymore. I enjoy seeing the odd pic of collections online. But am always glad my house just remind me of my work all the time. I know people in the industry who have the ultimate 'insider' collections with things mere mortals have never seen. And sealed multiples of hardware, games, and spindles of blank first pressings off the lines. Hence I never kept any SEGA or Xbox stuff. Have also seen a genuine "Sonic The Hedgehog" Rolex watch - with the ticking white glove as the second hand. Less than six produced I hear. Now that is a true collector's item.
  12. Thanks for all the help and advice. Much appreciated. I think from looking at the button layouts - they are mostly the fighting game layouts. As I was born in the early 1800's - you never really saw that in the early steam powered arcades. I mean, a game that needed more than two buttons? Surely not.
  13. Please fire away! And yes, I do like the 'old' style buttons. Real 'chip shop/kebab shop' buttons. Well worn in. A satisfying spring to them. Par for the course for "Phoenix" or "Commando", a spot of "Time Pilot" or dare I say it...a bit of "Gunsmoke..."
  14. what's a 'cheap Pandora' - is it the 'tabletop mini cab'?
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