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  1. I have to name myself Link in any Zelda game.
  2. I can understand why some people might, but I think my ocd couldn’t take it.
  3. The cars were off centre in 4 and always bugged the crap out of me.
  4. Kahoot! Quiz. Sooo many to choose from.
  5. I had a go on this on Destiny 2 and mind blown on how well this all works. I got the pro version for a month and it’s like I’m playing on a console. Granted I’m on a 1gbit fibre at home, but blimey this is clever.
  6. I didn’t notice a cliche in there. There’s nods to GTA.
  7. I just saw this. It’s good, mindless fun. Was actually much better than I was expecting and a few genuine lol bits.
  8. I'm gonna take a gander at the new update this eve. I've been too involved with Wreckfest and Hood, so GTA took a dip to the wayside.
  9. Oh. Blimey I didn't know that, but then I've only played it on PS. That seems a bit of a silly oversight.
  10. Crossplay can be disabled though?
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