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  1. About as hilarious as your video in the PS thread that got locked.
  2. I heard from a bloke in the pub that it's the Twentytwelth of Glemember.
  3. Nope. Still working on it. I'm level 71 and i'm not going through that again.
  4. I'm over lvl 640. I'll never get bored of the random, dumb shit we've got upto with @Polmon @The Disco @Floshenbarnical and @smithstock, the races (i did get a bit obsessed with open wheel and stopped when i got 5th in the world on one race), the free roam shenanigans...coming out of a heist, immediately coming out of crew and blowing everyone up only for the @The Disco to say 'yinny' will never get old.
  5. I'm with you on that. I'm still playing PS4 and not getting any shinies.
  6. That's weird. I watched your Hunter video earlier without knowing it was you.
  7. I don't get the refunds. It takes no time at all to rank up and unlock perks. Their rank means nothing if they're crap. I'm hooked and finished playing at 2.30am. I have ridiculously fast internet and get in games fairly quick. 8
  8. We need to finish my run...
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