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  1. Yeh, no probs yer on friends list.
  2. Me and @Polmon play regular in evenings. The new heist is easier and quicker to do. Even solo.
  3. Patch notes and it's out allegedly: https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/news/37373/patch-1-1
  4. More saturation on the colour. It's quite muted in hdr.
  5. My PS5 crashes every 5 minutes, so not overly impressed.
  6. Afterlife is my favourite bar.
  7. It gets my vote. I only play it on this setting and to be fair, there's still a fair amount of cars and pedestrians.
  8. I would like to state that I said 'one of'.
  9. The video makes me sad. I think this is probably one of the finest games ever made. Yeh it's got bugs, but i can overlook that as it's fucking amazing. They worked damn hard on this game, it shows.
  10. This is insanely clever. Don't watch if you don't want spoilers!
  11. I've used suicide a lot. It's damn handy.
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