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  1. My favourite thing was seeing all the scalpers on eBay, so I reported all the listings. seems to have done the trick as you can’t now find any as they’ve removed the search.
  2. I found that I’m much better at driving in vr than flat as you can judge corners way more easily.
  3. It’s the only one to go for imho.
  4. Horizon Resi Village No Man’s Sky
  5. My gut feeling is that Sony is possibly sitting on some announcements, but that’s pure speculation on my behalf.
  6. There’s something similar coming to quest 2 and pro. No mention of psvr2 though. https://www.roadtovr.com/wooorld-google-earth-vr-quest-2/
  7. I’ve kept mine in there since day 1. It’s getting tatty now, but still doing its job.
  8. It’s nice that these aren’t showing up on eBay from the scalpers…yet.
  9. Went with the Horizon pack and the charging dock. I must be insane.
  10. They've given people different times, so as not to overload the servers I would presume.
  11. you can’t get the email without pre registering for updates for psvr 2?
  12. Can we have negs back please?
  13. And an upgraded version of No Man's Sky! Which is epic on PSVR1, let alone 2.
  14. Resi 7 was out on psvr 1 and is utterly amazing. I completed it twice in VR.
  15. if on gmail check promo folder as that’s where mine went.
  16. I’m lucky enough to have been in New York last week and managed to get an n64 controller from the Nintendo store.
  17. Pilotwings plays nicely and the increased frame rate is a welcome surprise (even if it still dips).
  18. Well that's horseshit. I was looking forward to replaying that on a massive screen. Maybe next month...
  19. Ridge Racer 2 for premium by the looks of it as well. Odd it's not in the list above, but at 5.16 it's mentioned.
  20. Yeh, it's not a deal breaker for me to be honest and I'm not bothered. It's stunning that they've got this on Switch.
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