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  1. Anyone interested in Journeys in Middle Earth. Opened but completely unused. It’s available via chaos cards for £64 so how about a bargainous £50 inc p&p?
  2. It might be the other fan edit I watched. I’m not sure now.
  3. Watch the 4 hr fan-edit. It’s a much better film / experience. https://tolkieneditor.wordpress.com
  4. I've subbed btw.
  5. Beyond i s proper fun and more Trek than the reboot and the hideous Into Darkness.
  6. It.is. I didn't even realise it was cloud saving.
  7. Annoyingly my Xbox got stuck in an update fail cycle so had to restore it. Only real bother is my Witcher 3 save which has now gone.
  8. Compared to some of the other content the main plot pales.
  9. In term of Drizzt #1 to #6 are some of the best of the D&D novels. Really enjoyable stuff. Read #4 to #6 first as #1 to #3 were published later as prequels of a sort originally so contain spoilers. #7 to #9 are pretty good and bring things from the first 6 books together. #10 onwards the quality drops and doesn't recover until much later in the saga...which is #36 novels long to date. either way £12 is a bargain.
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