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  1. Nobody watching today? Wales v France was a really great game.
  2. Star Wars - god, why don't they do something different! Star Trek - god, why have they done something different! I'm enjoying this.
  3. Yeah I'm out after that sex carnival thing in season 2. So boring.
  4. So the age old question...who would be your crew.. Captain - Kirk First Officer - Riker Second Officer - Data Science - Spock Medical - Bones with EMH backup Security - Odo Helmsman - Paris Engineer - Trip Counsellor - Troi Misc - 7 of 9
  5. Raced through season 1 but really not feeling season 2 at all. Sabrina seems to be channelling Willow from Buffy at her most annoying and interest is lessening.
  6. I"m level 21 and heading to Skellige. Loving this obviosly.
  7. Is it like Passengers where different crew get different entitlements.
  8. Nonsense. Grinding helps massively in Dark Souls. Lets you hit harder and survive longer for a start.
  9. So just finished the bloody baron quest....
  10. I'd all.over this. PSO is still the high bar of online gaming.
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