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  1. Anyone interested in Journeys in Middle Earth. Opened but completely unused. It’s available via chaos cards for £64 so how about a bargainous £50 inc p&p?
  2. It might be the other fan edit I watched. I’m not sure now.
  3. Watch the 4 hr fan-edit. It’s a much better film / experience. https://tolkieneditor.wordpress.com
  4. I've subbed btw.
  5. Beyond i s proper fun and more Trek than the reboot and the hideous Into Darkness.
  6. Fuuucckkk. The relentless march of time.
  7. It.is. I didn't even realise it was cloud saving.
  8. Annoyingly my Xbox got stuck in an update fail cycle so had to restore it. Only real bother is my Witcher 3 save which has now gone.
  9. Agreed. Awful guest.
  10. Compared to some of the other content the main plot pales.
  11. In term of Drizzt #1 to #6 are some of the best of the D&D novels. Really enjoyable stuff. Read #4 to #6 first as #1 to #3 were published later as prequels of a sort originally so contain spoilers. #7 to #9 are pretty good and bring things from the first 6 books together. #10 onwards the quality drops and doesn't recover until much later in the saga...which is #36 novels long to date. either way £12 is a bargain.
  12. https://www.comedy.co.uk/podcasts/richard_herring_lst_podcast/
  13. Steve McNeil is on Richard Herrings latest podcast. Not a good one by any means but his comments about to 8 bit were interesting and explain why this series was so crap.
  14. I've been listening to the Scrubs podcast (Fake Doctors, Real Friends). Its just pure fun.
  15. Buy it and don't download it.
  16. apart from the one option being legal and not morally ambiguous at all and the other being the complete opposite. Let the poor guy watch the show..it's fab btw.
  17. not Apone, you mean Dillon from Predator (ie Carl Weathers).
  18. @dug agents of shield is pretty good especially where it overlaps with the films. It gets a bit silly in later seasons and I've not seen the last season as the previous season I watched ended quite fittingly.
  19. any luck with this? I've been playing Hearts.
  20. See above post. Lol
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