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    killing myself without hurting who loves me

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  1. espero que a droga da paz que tu não encontrou aqui, tenha conseguido encontrar onde quer que tu esteja agora. 

    para sempre arte.  

  2. @dennahey, dear. well, I'm kinda happy for reading something that looks like that I was who write it, bc I cannot say how much I understand you, denna. I'm seventeen right now and just like you i felt exactly the same thing when I think about yonlu and search/listen to his stuff. idk, I felt like a lost a friend too; someone that, somehow that idk how to explain, kinda understand (or understood (?)) me in this world full of pain and melancholy and demons in your head that does not stop growing and getting more and more stronger every day. anyway, I'm kinda sad too, if you l
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