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  1. Yes 64gb is fine. Was a bit of a faff getting my windows 8 laptop to format it to FAT32 ( I'll let you know the app I used when I'm on it later). The more time I spend with this the more I love it. The 3D is brilliant. Graphics (is it really 8 years old?) perfect. Is anyone interested in me pulling together a series of reviews?
  2. Current state of my (small) collection with one of the items which has just sold to help fund expanding it
  3. Prompted by dusting off my (very) old DS to play some games and finding a bunch of NGPC games in my loft I decided to sell the NGPC games and fund a 3DS as I felt like picking up some handheld gaming for travel etc.I did some research and decided on a New 3DS XL. And I'm so glad I did! In the end I found an immaculate SNES edition New 3DS XL and picked up a 64gb micro SD card and some ebay bargains. First impressions after coming from an ancient DS is those screens. The 3D is superb - I can see it perfectly and it remains visible even with movement. Playi
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