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  1. EDIT: Just be warned, it's one of those games that asks for permission etc..
  2. You're a bit limited where you can build a bridge. Ridiculous.
  3. LOL. Benny manages to crash @Rob Rule island, as he arrives.
  4. I'll add it to the list in the first post.
  5. Good tip this one. Just found some insects that haven't been donated yet.
  6. Usually here: https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/gaming/edge-magazine-back-issues/edge-may-2020-issue-344/ But it's out of stock ATM.
  7. Only got my first two fragments today, never seen them on the beach before.
  8. There are already a few items you can get if you link both games.
  9. Yeah it was from Sahara, and it cost 3000. I'll open. Dodo code is: 35X44
  10. @moosegrinder Does your house have animated lava flooring? Because guess what I've got.
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