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  1. Of course, but it'll be a completely new animal. Not the one that was previously on your island.
  2. Dont think it was on TV. I checked here: https://www.live-footballontv.com/ and couldn't see it.
  3. Thanks, but I do like my issues to be in great condition.
  4. Not having much luck with this month's issue, as it failed to arrive. So I ordered a replacement, and now that's looking like it won't arrive either. It was supposedly dispatched on the 1st July.
  5. Finished off season two of Hanna, it's only 8 episodes but they were all superb. More seasons please.
  6. Put a passcode on before any payment can be made?
  7. Loading up and playing Dishonored 2, for the first time.
  8. The moment you walk out of the cave in Breath of the Wild, and walk to the edge of the plateau seeing the world below and beyond. Knowing you can explore all of it.
  9. I cant remember exactly when he left, I've had a few animals come and go recently.
  10. I see Lyman from my island has moved in.
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