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  1. I can’t bring myself to use any of the special weapons you get, like the one you get for defeating those gloom hands etc.. They go on display in my house.
  2. Today's This or That. List ordered in Alphabetical order A, B, C. Alamosaurus Ankylosaurus Apatosaurus Brachiosaurus Brontosaurus Corythosaurus Europasaurus Iguanodon Lirainosaurus Parasaurolophus Saltasaurus Stegosaurus Styracosaurus Triceratops Tsintaosaurus
  3. So no other developers nick their ideas, especially those nasty mobile phone developers.
  4. Top tip for the chasm located at East Akkala Plains, fire off a load of Brigtbloom seeds before you reach the bottom. 😉
  5. Any other developer and the Sky islands and depths below would be locked behind a season pass.
  6. Everything you’ll need will be in the shrine to complete it.
  7. Thursday nights for the scouse.
  8. I missed the first one.
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