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  1. Hide in the bushes and throw rocks to where you want the enemy to go. Or lure them to the bushes to kill them quietly with a knife. Or, to a red flashing barrel of exploding doom. Or a truck, and then shoot at the fuel tank. Make sure to keep marking the enemies with your binoculars, so you know where they are.
  2. Wish they would hurry up.
  3. Wave Race 64 with those hideous thick black borders.
  4. I got to a really busy area on Xbox One, and the framerate is horrible. Think I’ll continue this when I get my Series X.
  5. This is lovely, and I’ve just had that wonderful moment with that beautiful ****. Don’t open until you leave the first area.
  6. Of course, I’ve been there too. But they really were bad.
  7. The Luxembourg ladies are hilariously bad. England have thrashed them 0-10!
  8. Interesting to see what Edge thought of this.
  9. You get to see some real scum on these programmes.
  10. I still remember getting my ZX Spectrum 48k Christmas 82 or 83, it came with Survival, Make a Chip, and Horace goes Skiing! Memories of colour clash, having to wait for a game to load (or not), and home taping when you borrowed a game from a mate at school. The Spectrum was best.
  11. Yes. https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-live-status/
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