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  1. I got this game along with The Witcher 2 during a Steam Sale, but my computer wouldn't run it. Then I got a better one with Ubuntu, which would run The Witcher 2 but not The Witcher. I was interested since my brother bought me The Last Wish, so I hop on it and loved it. I was almost finishing Chapter 2 when I lost all my data and had to restart, this time on Windows. I wondered if I should start with the first one, since I loved the game and the books so much... I was so eager to try The Witcher 3 in my new computer... then I rolled up my sleeves and decided to start from the very beginning. And oh boy... I know how many people complain about the swamp, and recently I found out people usually don't like the Prologue/Act I very much, and of course the combat is weird, but once I got hooked in the game, all these flaws ceased to matter. I swear I didn't even notice the bad voice acting! It's a game from 2007, so I can already forgive the combat system, the HUD, the graphics and clunky mechanics; in fact, I think you can get used to everything and enjoy this game as it should be. The combat system, to me, went from "literally unplayable" to "acceptable" since I wasn't playing for the gameplay, but for the story. I wanted to know he solution to the plot, I wanted to stop Salamandra and save Kaer Morhen's secrets. I wanted to see how my decisions would affect the future; many times I was forced to make a choice in which neither alternative was good, and my actions actually had consequences. I loved how they portrayed Alchemy and the Bestiary with all the info about monsters and creatures. I feel like the devs wanted to tell a story and cared about how to keep the narrative flowing interesting and intense, but didn't have the resources to make something better from the "technological" point of view. I didn't see anyone mentioning the huge plot twist in the end. The whole game, which is already a masterpiece in my opinion, is worth being played just for that. Seeing Geralt, Zoltan, Triss and Dandelion in the later games gives me a feeling of old comrades reuniting. I think The Witcher 3 is consolidated as an obvious masterpiece that many people are eager to play just as I was; and I think that the reward you get is much greater if you play The Witcher 1 and 2 first.
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