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  1. It was a mix of ''laughing my ass off'' and ''oh fuck look at these people... my people'', it was a very weird day.
  2. I'm reading 1984 from George Orwell, just got it from my school's library.
  3. wanderai

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    I don't have much stuff to post here, but i have some ideas that i'm starting to working on. The first one is a song called Vin Rosé, it's a expression of anxiety and panic atack, the music starts softly and calm, and it gets heavier and more melancholic. The other one is A Jornada do Sujeito Oculto (The Journey of the Occult Subject), it's about a subject that goes on a journey, blind folded by his own mind. And the other is Valsa do Sol e da Lua (Waltz of the Sun and the Moon), it's about the contemplation of the Sun and the Moon to the grandeur and beauty of each other, and t
  4. Last year i went to the Roger Water's US + THEM TOUR in São Paulo, Brazil. It was the first ''real'' show that i ever went to, it was amazing, simply awesome. At one point in the show, a list of countries showed up with name of president candidates with fascist ideals, Brazil included, starring Bolsonaro. And more than a half of the crowd started booing Roger, mainly in the end of the show, when the phrase ''ELE NÃO'' showed up in the screen, it's a form of protest in here. Roger was booed in many of the capitals where the show ocurred, but i was in the first day that this ocurred, t
  5. Currently i'm playing Earthbound, my favorite RPG ever. The ambience of the game is completely different from any other game i've played, everything seems like it came straight from an acid trip, the NPCs, the enemies, the soundtrack - specially the soundtrack, the locations, everything is just so psychedelic and ''weird'' that caught me. I wonder if games like this exists.
  6. I have played on emulators, but i never played on one. What games do you recommend? I don't really know any game beside these.
  7. Currently i'm listening to this album of experimental hip-hop, i'm not really into hip-hop but this album is pretty good.
  8. I don't know this platform very well, and i don't see many games on it that would make the product ''attractive''. Is there any game for it that is more than a simple casual game?
  9. Probably one of the best alt metal albums ever created, Sailing on the Seas of Cheese.
  10. Yeah, a penis on the right, with a ballsack on the bottom, with pointy pubes and the penis head on the top.
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