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  1. Yeah nothing like this. Honestly, some people still find a negative in absolutely anything. Admit it. There is no pose they could have done that you wouldn't have scoffed at.
  2. Negged? Genuinely curious as to why.
  3. They look fucking awesome. Kate McKinnon is gay, I wonder if the character will be. Nobody is going to "be" Venkman, but Wiig does have a unique style in the same way that he did. McCarthy is probably actually the closest to Murray's style, though McKinnon could certainly do a good impersonation. I think they will do well to exploit the different characteristics of the four stars rather than ape anything else. And I'm sure that's what Feig will be doing. I'd like it if McKinnon wasn't doing her crazy eyes thing that she ends up doing so much in SNL. She's got a lot more to offer than that.
  4. "Only a Sith deals in absolutes, except when someone is saying that only a Sith deals in absolutes, which doesn't count". But yes, he did do some good deliveries from time to time. His accent fucked it a bit too, like in Ep 1, "the negotiations were short". That could have been a funny line, but having to say it in that plummy accent kills it. Should have given him an estuary accent I reckon.
  5. I've actually watched all the prequels quite recently with my 3-year-old son. Even he didn't like them, except the lightsaber fights. But anyway - I can't really think of anything good about them. I mean, I liked looking at Natalie Portman I guess, if you ignore the script. At the end of each film, I just felt a bit sad and deflated really. Before we watched the prequels we watched the Despecialised OT, which was completely brilliant. The bit where Luke nearly loses it in his final fight with Vader is just so powerful. [A big reason why my son didn't like them is that he's too young yet to understand films. I was able to explain everything about the OT to him while we were watching it. With the PT, I could have made something up maybe, but the taxation thing, and the politics stuff, that's what they're about. Not only is it too complicated for him to understand but also it's too boring for me to try and explain. I simply couldn't be bothered.]
  6. Wait, so the Empire had built and lost several death stars in between the trilogies?Edit: ah I see you're not saying that. I figured once you've built something once you can build it way quicker the second time. Also it looks to me like, while the prequels are officially canon, they are doing their best to ignore that they ever existed.
  7. Well yeah, my point was that it cannot be big, universe-defining stuff.
  8. I hate what he did to Superman in that book too, and I hate that so many people think that that's what Superman always was and will be.
  9. Yeah me too. They've completely ignored that before, though the ridiculous ballistics scene in TDK paid lip service to it I guess.
  10. I'm trying to avoid that kind of info.
  11. Also his name is Ben Kenobi, right? I hate how he was exclusively called Obi-Wan in the prequels (though I accept it made some sense). Luke calls him Ben all the way through the OT.
  12. The shit that he gets done, though, will have to have absolutely no effect on the big picture, and be exactly effectively equivalent to if he had stayed in his cave.
  13. That's Batman And Robin you're thinking of. I would prefer less dark, but without swinging so far the other way. Same with Superman. The 1978 film is probably a little camp, but not too camp by as much as MoS was too dark. Of course a big part of the problem was it was dark but shit.
  14. When you see her do physical comedy, it's kinda counter-intuitive how strong and flexible she appears to be. A properly unfit person would definitely hurt themselves falling down the stairs ten times in a row.
  15. Sr I think that would be a rubbish lightsaber fight. Imagine the sound for it to see what I mean. Would sound like some bedroom attempt at dubstep.
  16. The midichlorians of course. Don't you know anything?
  17. The Donnie Yen thing is discouraging. It reminds me of when they hired Ray Park for Ep1, and the lightsaber "fights" turned out to be dancing contests.
  18. I think he meant it sounds sheeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiit.
  19. I'm arguing my own point, which is simply that Wonder Woman should look strong. There's no need for Superman to look strong, and yet he does. This is not so that he will be attractive to women. He has always looked massive, yet when he was created the ideal man looked like Cary Grant. He is covered in muscles as a signifier of his immense strength. Yes, he is Kryptonian, but if they drew him like The Machinist then he wouldn't look strong; there would be a dissonance between how he looked and what he could do. Wonder Woman is drawn as a supermodel so she will look attractive to men and boys. This is more important to comic book companies than signifying her strength, because to a lot of these guys, a strong-looking woman is a turnoff. Here's the Hulk, drawn ripped so he "looks hot": Here's She-Hulk, who, wouldn't you know it, ended up with a "milder" version of the same affliction: Both are supposedly capable of lifting in excess of 100 tons. She-Hulk is obviously drawn to look hot. And the Hulk is drawn to look insanely strong. That's the double standard. The men are drawn to signify their strength, and the women are drawn to be attractive to men. Supergirl wears a miniskirt. Power Girl has a hole in her constume that is specifically to display her cleavage. Yes, Supergirl is bulletproof so doesn't need armour - so why doesn't Superman just wear vest and pants? And so on. All anyone was saying is it would be good if there was a visual signifier of Wonder Woman's power, in the same way as there is with Superman and Batman in that picture. Having a problem with that idea is weird.
  20. Yeah wouldn't want to ever change anything about a comic book character to suit changes in society. You'd be the first!
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