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  1. I enjoyed it but yeah, still want to see the documentary I thought it was going to be. The first few minutes were promising. Got bored of the montages. Liked the thing about Euro Trip and the closet. Obvious Child is on there now, UK I think. Dunno if it's been mentioned or not. Anyway it's great, it's like if Juno was actually good.
  2. Yeah. I mean I was really enjoying it for a while, but at this point it's just a case of finding out a single new piece of information, and then basically listing words that rhyme with Snoke. Bloke choke joke cloak croak folk poke soak choke woke stroke
  3. Great ones there. Here's some more The Snoke of Money Snokefellas The Snoke Panther Die Another Snoke
  4. And a Wii U, and an XBox One. There's a lot of us.
  5. Maybe Kara will grow into Supergirl a bit, like Barry has in The Flash.
  6. I've seen so many people online using the words "terrible" and "awful". The main thrust of it seems to be that Supergirl is a super-powered woman, instead of Superman with tits.
  7. Hey, can we edit the thread title to remove the episode number?
  8. Or even more crazy, could there be a typo?
  9. Pretty poor sorry. Well, fine, but too similar. It's weird reading it without any jokes in it. I think if you summarised the story of the original like that it would still be funny.
  10. Yeah. If he was going to do it, he wouldn't have said it.
  11. I'll be surprised if those bones actually make it in, now he's said it.
  12. Ok, all bets are off, but I bet Mace Windu isn't in TFA.
  13. I'm gonna stick my neck out and say that there will be nothing from the prequels in the new one. JJ has been very tactful about it, but basically all his answers have been "we're taking nothing from them". Luke loses his right hand. Anakin loses his right arm. The Wampa loses its right arm. The Shapeshifter in EpII loses her right arm. The guy in the cantina loses his right arm.
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