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  1. The loss of Kyle’s creativity is a big hole to fill.
  2. Could be related to him being away for a couple of weeks with him leaving LA too. Best of luck to him.
  3. Agreed. We aren't talking about looking up skirts for an achievement here.
  4. Surely those who really wanted to play this fantastic remake of one of the best games ever created would have bought it by now. It was never full price and has been in several sales.
  5. Interesting take on the mid-gen consoles. Unless down to affordability issues I see zero reason not to upgrade to the Pro and X. Better IQ with improved performance for 3-4 years has been a blessing. Especially if playing on a base XO.
  6. Probably, but you would think that would be taken that into consideration. Especially with the growth of VPN popularity.
  7. Oh no, I know what happened over there with the whole evilore thingy - I was an active member of GAF since 2006. Through the highs of the infamous Denis Dyack's metldown to the lows of the Evilore controversy. Resetera is a bit of a mess atm too, part of the problem with it being so big. I will no doubt rejoin it at some point mind you.
  8. Nah, I left then to join Resetera. Until I got banned (see above).
  9. Anyway, enough of the GAF chat and back to the important topic of Ben being a right twat.
  10. I got banned on resetera for having an alt account. Which I didn't and I'm on a VPN.
  11. Well, there is a generalisation of over 140k members.
  12. /looks at Neogaf GB thread I thought we moaned about Ben being awful, but they take it to a whole new level. And for the most part I agree.
  13. And that is up to you - punishing developers on the basis of a marketing blunder by the pubishing team. I'm not telling you what to do, but you posted your opinon and some may disagree. I mean why even post it here, unless you were looking for a reaction? For me it is a bit shortsighted - lets face it if we boycott purchasing decisions on the basis of senior management decsions/actions then we may as well move to a self-sustained log cabin in the middle of no where.
  14. Snap. Gunfire is doing good things with this and Remnant - From the Ashes. I also thought DS3 was a bit underrated too.
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