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  1. Mine arrived at lunch time today, instead of trying any of the dozens of unplayed games I've got, I've spent the afternoon on Stardew Valley, a game I must have over 1000hours playtime on across Switch, iOS & Xbox. Great bit of kit though, I had been thinking I'd end up getting rid of it, but pretty sure its a keeper.
  2. Nice one, thanks, couple there I think I'll go for
  3. Anyone got any recommendations for any driving/racing games on Steam that work well on the Steam Deck? **Available via Steam, not emulated etc
  4. Anything else recommended from the choices? I don't know anything about any of them
  5. Had my email last night for the 512gb version, really wasn't expecting it as I didn't pre-order until the day after they went live. Still not 100% whether I want, but I'm beginning to convince myself now
  6. Just a heads up, the complete Season 2 is now available on BBC iPlayer
  7. You're right on both counts, the trainer (Angie Dowds) from the UK edition did commit suicide, the trainer on the game box is Jillian Michaels from the US show.
  8. Yup, agree totally, definitely worth watching
  9. Have added you (and all the others who posted since). Like you I rarely play online (my Xbox is pretty much a Stardew Valley machine), but would still appreciate any adds, my gamertag is mr rumbletum
  10. Wordle 249 3/6 Not sure what’s going on, but my Wordle is different to everyone else’s today (including my other half sitting right next to me.
  11. Just watched the first four episodes of Mr Inbetween after all the recommendations on here. Fantastic stuff, thanks.
  12. Just finished watching this, can’t remember ever watching a show this fast, absolutely loved it, fantastic stuff.
  13. Loved my Competition Pro, but god I miss my Speedking.. (although don’t reckon I’d be able to use it now)
  14. Am about to buy a Switch again after not having one for a few months, but my other half wants to start playing too, what’s the best way to do this? Is it just set up an additional profile on the Switch? If I do that will she be able to access all my games (all my games are digital) and play them, just with her own saves etc? She’s got no interest in playing online (although I do have the online account) or buying her own games, she just basically wants to play Stardew & Animal Crossing on it.
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