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  1. This guy makes good things: http://www.brunofreitas.com/node/84
  2. "The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there." Mainly shit puzzles and weird-ass camera angles.
  3. Sure I posted this before but if you want wireless and an original Saturn pad I got one of these and it works perfectly - comes with a dongle and all. It's not cheap, that's the main problem. But I have a This is Cool wireless controller now, which is... well, cool. Edit - oh wait, that's the one that comes with an actual controller shell. You can get ones that are just the PCB, dongle, and charger to install into a pad you already have. They're not much cheaper as those transparent knock-off shells they bundle in are cheap trash anyway.
  4. Wang them on the Github: https://github.com/satiator/compatibility/issues
  5. Which games? Are you on the latest firmware? I think I've seen an issue with Croc, but that's apparently common in non-disc versions of the game or something, but other than that nothing's jumped out. The Satiator Discord group is great/helpful, so they can help if needs be.
  6. seconded - in the best sort of way, it just works
  7. The Noctua fan replacement thingy posted above is the way to go - whisper quiet, and while it needs the 3D printed bracket it does fit perfectly. Easy to install too.
  8. This was done in 2018 so bear that in mind when the Shenmue mention arrives. And maybe others, I've not checked.
  9. That reminds me of the cheats line I discovered when I was wee that happened to have a local area code, meaning I got free calls to it. Bloody goldmine.
  10. I had a similar wave of mania earlier this year. The big box of stuff arriving was such a good day, and it seems most Yahoo Japan auctions saying something is in 'bad' condition means it has one tiny scuff, somewhere, eight miles away, hidden under a rock. Oh no I'm tempted to go back...
  11. 100% there was a publisher deal in place. Maybe not direct 'here is money for a cover and a preview', but at the very least an ads bundle - 'we'll pay £x more if we can get these ads along with mag covers' sort of thing. I'd also be entirely unsurprised if the editorial team was against it on principle, but just did it because it's the bloody job and sometimes you do have to put garbage on the front cover to bring a bit of money in and let the mag survive a bit longer even if it does mean putting Darksiders II or Castlevania Lords of Shadow or Resi Operation Raccoon City in prime p
  12. No worries, took five minutes to switch around some HDMI cables is all! DCDigital does look remarkable all things considered, but I would assume you can get more out of emulation visually. I'm just a sucker for original hardware.
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