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  1. I was playing it just the other week and it's play a race, win/lose, game over, back to the title screen. If you come first in everything you unlock the bonus tracks - those being the original tracks in reverse. If you beat those, again all in first, you get the devil car. But it's always* Game Over, back to the title screen, at the end of a race. Related: Ridge Racer's still really good fun. *apart from when you 'complete' it and get a credits roll
  2. Not a cheap solution, but it does apparently work.
  3. It really does seem like I'm trying to be a ps1-only channel
  4. Nah, just Nintendo being Nintendo. They're famously litigious.
  5. I kept losing connection and having to re-pair with an 8bitdo adapter. Changed to a generic Bluetooth adapter off eBay and it works perfectly now.
  6. You can switch out the fan - I think there's a Noctua that fits, not sure, but I used a fan from a late model phat and my launch day console now runs near silently.
  7. Patreon's much more important for earnings - unless you're getting millions of views you're not getting *good* money from YT ads. The fact they've been losing Patreon subs for years now is a bigger hit.
  8. So there's been a drop of 10-20 patrons in the past few weeks - surely linked to the idiocy - but this drop is just a pattern that's been playing out for a couple of years now if Graphtreon has its stats all correct. That's a pretty consistent downtrend even before all this kicked off. (talking about number of patrons, not £££ coming in each month - that figure looks like it was hidden back in 2020 so there's no way of getting an accurate read on it now)
  9. I've ordered one because I'm that sort of idiot. Not sure how necessary it is with Swiss having built in memory features. I just want it though. I have one of their PS1 memory cards and it's genuinely brilliant; one of the best things I have for any gaming machine. Just Works, and all that.
  10. Why does his 'venting and escaping' also have to include a creepy obsession with every move of a few knobheads on youtube? I know Nobody Else Is Doing It So He's Fighting The Good Fight, but fuck me it's stalkerish at times, and the tone is sometimes - as others have said - utterly toxic.
  11. Only issue is I don't know where to get the RePS2 board from in Europe/UK, even though the guy who makes it is (I think) in Europe. I got mine from the link above all fine, just a bit more expensive with US shipping etc. Anyway, apologies for the derail. Everyone should replace their PSUs.
  12. Aye, I've done it with my Saturn, PS1, PS2 Dreamcast, and N64. More efficient, less heat, newer components, and I can use one PSU across all of them. The PS2 replacement was a pisstake, original power board being about 15x20cm and weighing probably 400g. The new one's smaller than a credit card, and about as light.
  13. You can switch out the Saturn's PSU for one of these - makes it universal (and brings older components up to modern standards). There are cheaper ones available on Aliexpress etc - about £12-20 or so.
  14. As they all said, you would need a switch. They're very easy to install if you have a small amount of solderknoweldge, though. I used DA Retro's kit for a bunch I did, always worked perfectly.
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