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  1. Yeah, a dev feature you'd expect. I remember when Sony was showing off the Vita before launch all the demo units had a full-size HDMI out port on them. I thought it was going to be on the finished model, and would be brilliant. It was not but it was still brilliant Vita til I die.
  2. I did it through an OSSC. I've actually got rid of that now, so will be back to component in future, if I ever root it out again.
  3. Relatively quick turnaround on this one:
  4. I had no idea it could be done, but Retro Gaming Cables sorted me out with one. I asked for them to do me a shielded component lead, and he suggested a component/HD SCART lead*. Apparently just involved wiring it differently. And yeah - I have a SCART lead for the Xbox that can pump out 720p. Still blows my mind a bit every time I use it. (*And I quote: "SCART does support component, and we would just need to wire the SCART cable in a different configuration so that the XBOX outputs component rather than RGB")
  5. The Xboxes on eBay are probably using Wii2HDMI units that have been stripped down and soldered onto the motherboard. They work fine - better than the Pound etc HDMI solutions - but really you're unlikely to see much better than component comparatively. The HDMI mod up there ^ is a 'proper' one so draws direct digital signal, processes it, all that fun, to make it as good as it can be (I assume, I've not used one), so should be the best option available. Thing is the Xbox does HD out of the box with a standard component cable (or SCART if it's wired right) - the leap to
  6. He does talk about theoretically having different palettes for each combination of two characters, which would mitigate the 16 colour limitation somewhat. I put it on half-interestedly then ended up rapt with the whole thing - even if it's just a tech demo and he maintains it won't be developed into a full thing (and so there's plenty of wiggle room as there's a hell of a lot that doesn't actually have to be done to make it work), it's incredible. Ingenious solutions to so many elements.
  7. The image isn't showing up for me, so I'll post it again. If the first image does show for you, then now you have two pics of this lovely art. Huzzah!
  8. i like this magazine it is a good magazine i hear some sexy features editor is trying to push for more retro pages but it probably wont happen what with it not being a retro magazine ahem
  9. Posted the below in wanted, then realised should probably ask here too:
  10. PS1 + HDMI = this for the absolute best: https://www.black-dog.tech/ps1digital.html However it's expensive, it needs someone who's good at soldering to install it, and it's rarely in stock. It is the absolute best HDMI solution for PS1 though, without a doubt. I have one and it's phenomenal (as is the DCDigital - the Dreamcast version from the same bloke). Can't get better than this short of Sony re-releasing the original hardware with built-in HDMI compatibility, which isn't ever going to happen. Bit cheaper/not as good but honestly who notices this stuff is the RAD2X
  11. When I make my millions and start my own mag, purchases like these will finally be expenseable. And then they'll have to stop because people will take the piss within minutes. Anyway, this is great work, @Treble - inspires me to want to try and fix stuff myself. I won't, mind, because I'd fail and likely burn the house down. The point remains, though.
  12. And far more difficult than I expected to codify in any reasonable fashion that isn't constantly inventing new clauses and doing mental gymnastics to fit everything under one banner. Siigh
  13. Psh, PS2 isn't retro, it's only... ... ... oh god it's 21 years old in less than two months
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