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  1. 1 hour ago, Unofficial Who said:

    Is this sudden jump in emulator quality for the Jaguar due to the great one used in Atari 50? It seems a bit of a co-incidence.

    It's the emulator they use in that. The creator got permission to release it publicly, though it's still closed source for Contractual Reasons.

  2. 8 hours ago, beakbeak said:

    It does have the audio board and I tentatively ordered that cable on the off chance it might be the solution.

    Ah cool, well if it has it then it should work. I'm not sure if the older ones have the little switch people mentioned before, but that's definitely something to check on - I remember my OSSC "not having sound" for a while until I found out about the switch.

  3. Having a big clear out and I found two Saturn switchless region select mods. I got them from this seller a few years ago.


    Free to a good home. Do note I'm not actually sure if I have the install instructions available, but can have a look. I think it's a generic mod though so instructions should be somewhere.


    They also work on Mega Drive 2s, apparently.

  4. 4 hours ago, ScouserInExile said:

    It's been a while since I played it, but I had it in my head the basic structure was you had to win all races to progress, then if you won all of them you'd have a single race against the white / angel car, then if you beat that, you'd have another single race against the black / devil car.


    I'm probably wrong, though, it's 27 years since I played it last, I reckon. The PAL version was the first game I tested for Sony and I don't think I've played it since.

    I was playing it just the other week and it's play a race, win/lose, game over, back to the title screen.


    If you come first in everything you unlock the bonus tracks - those being the original tracks in reverse. If you beat those, again all in first, you get the devil car.


    But it's always* Game Over, back to the title screen, at the end of a race.


    Related: Ridge Racer's still really good fun.


    *apart from when you 'complete' it and get a credits roll

  5. 1 hour ago, spanky debrest said:

    Having to use a PSX multitap to be able to use real memory cards does make me wish the MiSTerfpga.co.uk PSX SNAC wasn't quite so stripped back though. I'd have preferred a couple of PSX MC slots on the adaptor, which would've been a more elegant solution (if a touch pricier and more complex to produce).


    Not a cheap solution, but it does apparently work.

  6. 2 hours ago, Vimster said:

    I have a Bluetooth controller but I have to keep pairing the bloody thing up every time I turn the MiSTer on. How do I fix it? Is it the dongle I'm using or just the way it has to be?

    I kept losing connection and having to re-pair with an 8bitdo adapter. Changed to a generic Bluetooth adapter off eBay and it works perfectly now.

  7. 1 hour ago, Anne Summers said:

    The thing is , is this really going to have any effect on them in real terms? Having a quick gander at their stats - looks like THGM channel has 120k or so subs. Of that crowd, how many are going to be paying attention to this sort of scene drama, or are even going to be aware of it? His videos seem to get (from a very unscientific piece of analysis I just did) between 10k and 50k views - I think you always expect a big range with niche content like this because some videos will just hit way harder than others. That looks similar to what they were doing six months or so back. They've had a couple with 100k back then but those are real outliers. Does their average viewer (I'm assuming someone who doesn't have time for "scene drama" because watching retro/ gaming/ watching retro gaming videos is just a casual timewaster for them, rather than a serious hobby) give a shit about any of this or do they just carry on watching his videos whenever they pop up in their feed?

    Patreon's much more important for earnings - unless you're getting millions of views you're not getting *good* money from YT ads. The fact they've been losing Patreon subs for years now is a bigger hit.

  8. So there's been a drop of 10-20 patrons in the past few weeks - surely linked to the idiocy - but this drop is just a pattern that's been playing out for a couple of years now if Graphtreon has its stats all correct. That's a pretty consistent downtrend even before all this kicked off.


    (talking about number of patrons, not £££ coming in each month - that figure looks like it was hidden back in 2020 so there's no way of getting an accurate read on it now)



  9. 10 hours ago, Colonel Panic said:

    Anyone considering getting one of these MemCard Pros from 8-BitMods? I've got a pile of regular GC memory cards, but don't use any of them because of Swiss' memory card feature, but lately, I'd had the need to move cards between a couple of GCs and this new device seems like the kind of tat I like to buy. 


    Speaking of which, I should also get a BlueRetro controller thingy too!

    I've ordered one because I'm that sort of idiot. Not sure how necessary it is with Swiss having built in memory features. I just want it though.


    I have one of their PS1 memory cards and it's genuinely brilliant; one of the best things I have for any gaming machine. Just Works, and all that.

  10. Why does his 'venting and escaping' also have to include a creepy obsession with every move of a few knobheads on youtube?


    I know Nobody Else Is Doing It So He's Fighting The Good Fight, but fuck me it's stalkerish at times, and the tone is sometimes - as others have said - utterly toxic.

  11. 8 hours ago, Lyrical Donut said:


    Oh, nice. I have an NTSC-U PS2 which I was trying to track down a UK PSU for! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


    NTSC TEST debug PS2s came with universal PSUs, and PS1 kits came with external ones ala PS One. Thankfully they included universal ones with retail PS3s.

    Only issue is I don't know where to get the RePS2 board from in Europe/UK, even though the guy who makes it is (I think) in Europe. I got mine from the link above all fine, just a bit more expensive with US shipping etc.


    Anyway, apologies for the derail. Everyone should replace their PSUs.

  12. 8 hours ago, Lyrical Donut said:

    That's what I did with my US Saturn, it's a doddle. The other benefit is that they create less heat than the stock PSU.

    Aye, I've done it with my Saturn, PS1, PS2 Dreamcast, and N64. More efficient, less heat, newer components, and I can use one PSU across all of them.


    The PS2 replacement was a pisstake, original power board being about 15x20cm and weighing probably 400g. The new one's smaller than a credit card, and about as light.

  13. 1 hour ago, New York Mikey said:

    Thanks chaps - will look into the modding option as I expect an NTSC Saturn would require a step down transformer which would be altogether too much hassle. 

    You can switch out the Saturn's PSU for one of these - makes it universal (and brings older components up to modern standards).


    There are cheaper ones available on Aliexpress etc - about £12-20 or so.

  14. 7 hours ago, New York Mikey said:

    Quick question on the Satiator as I was looking into it at the weekend - I have a (stock) PAL Saturn. If I run NTSC games via Satiator do they output at 50hz? i.e. do I need to get a 50/60hz switch mod (or buy a JPN model) as well.

    As they all said, you would need a switch. They're very easy to install if you have a small amount of solderknoweldge, though. I used DA Retro's kit for a bunch I did, always worked perfectly.

  15. 8 minutes ago, Down by Law said:



    Yeah, first thing I did was tweak the pot, fixed a couple this way in the past but this one is 100% dead, doesn't even see the disc so doesn't attempt to spin up at all. Moving the pot on the actual board that controls the spin speeds just crashed it completely.


    Could I use like a hot nail to desolder that blob? Or is that just plain stupid. I'm always willing to give stupid a go 😅


    I honestly have pretty much all the Saturn games I want on disc, i also have a Pseudo cart so I can be a naughty boy and just CDR something if i feel like it, so I dont think I would get my monies worth out of an ODE, though the benefits are obvious.


    Still waiting for someone to put a Mister in trading, that's what i'm keeping that money for :) 

    You literally just need to break the connection the solder is making - turning one blob into two. But if it's £45 for the lens, I wouldn't go at it with a hot nail no.

  16. 4 hours ago, Down by Law said:


    I'm reading they need a little bit of soldering work to get going to remove some kind of anti static solder - is that right? Might be an issue as i haven't got one.


    I looked into Fenrir but it's out of stock and Satiator is very expensive. I do have a couple of spare console so not desperate but I know how to change the laser over so if I can bring it back to life for the sake of a tenner it'd be well worth it :) 


    I'll probably chuck the Sanyo drive one up on ebay for parts as it seems totally fine except the laser which I did manage to find, but costs about £45. Might be handy for someone who wants to keep one stock and ODE mod this one.

    Yeah you do need to unsolder one blob before you fit it - easy to do, but obviously a lot harder if you don't have an iron. Maybe not impossible, but also holding a lens over the hob might not be good for the laser. Or the hob. Or your hands. Or your gas bill.


    ACTUALLY - have you tried tweaking the potentiometer? When I was fixing up Saturns the other year I had a bunch that went from broken to working with one or two twists of a screwdriver, no soldering required. This guy has a video that's pretty much exactly what I did, numerous times. Apologies if you already said you tried that, I have the memory of a forgetful idiot.


    I've said before, likely in this thread: Satiator is expensive, definitely. As such it can never be for everyone. But it is hands down the best ODE I've ever used, it's infinitely elegant, and the creator is categorically Not A Knobhead. I'm actually happy to have given him the money for it. Literally plug-and-play.

  17. 12 hours ago, Down by Law said:

    Where's the best place to get replacement lasers for the Saturn? eBay?


    I noticed the JVC type seem readily available but I also need one for a Sanyo drive. These seem impossible to find...

    I actually got a bunch of lenses off eBay the other year and they did work fine. I had to find the specific model as they weren't listed as Saturn lenses specifically. Can't remember what the model is though, sorry.


    (Or a Satiator)

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