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  1. Relevant selfpromotionspam. Distinct memory of my brother telling me this on the way home from school one day. "I know a cheat for BTTF2!" "What is it?" "The only neat thing to do..." "Which is what?" "The only neat thing to do..." "What's the neat thing to do though?" Repeat ad nauseam. Older brothers are all trolls who need to be stopped.
  2. The Quartering is one of the worst things the internet has produced, and that's saying something. If that's the company they keep...
  3. Basically this. You can call people out - you should call people out - but there's no need to be shitty while doing it.
  4. Can you remember something from five posts before your original one?
  5. Certainly sounds like a masterpiece (from Amiga Power's final issue - the game being Kick Off 96).
  6. We went to the Bury one the other week and it was actually riddled with aircon. Still warm, and still probably unbearable in this heat to be fair, but I was impressed. Adding aircon was clearly a decision made by somebody who frequented a lot of arcades in their youth.
  7. I probably wouldn't have given a shit about the Gamecube were it not for Resident Evil 4. Machine was worth it for that alone, but in buying it I spent more time on the console and so did pick up the likes of Viewtiful Joe, which made me genuinely love the thing. My personal non-click-spot lies firmly with the Dreamcast. I love it for what it is, but I don't love it in the same way I do the Amiga, PS1, PS2, SNES, or GBA. Or maybe Vita. It was clearly a huge step up for home consoles and introduced us to affordable, arcade perfect games on a consistent basis - we'd had arcade perfect before but they were every now and then - one-offs - or the Neo Geo which I don't count because £££££. But the DC also died well before it had any chance to realise its potential, so what we're left with is a bit of a damp squib. It has some absolute bangers in its catalogue, but it never got to the point where the Dreamcast seemed to (this is where people will get angry) grow up. It seemed stuck in a world of arcade ports and quick, snappy, five-minutes-of-play games. It had no analogue to Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy X, GTA III, even a Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter. Aware most of those came out well after the DC had died, but the point remains: to me, it felt like the Dreamcast was a console lacking depth in its games - both in the catalogue of games and the actual depth of the games themselves. Of course there were things like Record of Lodoss War, Skies of Arcadia (which I had on GC to be fair), and Elemental Gimmick Gear among others*; I know these things exist but they're outliers next to the Dreamcast's real calling: being a NAOMI cab at home. *and Shenmue, which I completely forgot waheyyyyyy
  8. When I was young/first got the Amiga I definitely bought things based on the box. Three spring to mind: I had no idea what Hong Kong Phooey was at the time, it was just a dog doing karate so sounded cool. Darius, again, no idea but maybe I recognised the Taito logo from the arcade/other games? Cyber World - a game I'd forgotten the name of for about 30 years - I definitely just bought because of the front cover. Awful game.
  9. Yeah there's a PS2 version too, and I really want both of them. But they're, what, £600 or so each?
  10. Mobygames is absolutely hit and miss, but can work. Gamespress is littered with broken links for older games. I think the problem with press shots for games of any age is that they're rarely at the native resolution. They're often (though not always) spruced up somewhat, especially in the SD era.
  11. In short, no. No one repository. You might be able to find native resolution screenshots scattered around the place - of incredibly varying quality - and piece something together from that. But as with most anything I do requiring screenshots of retro games, your best bet is going to be to take them yourself.
  12. I paid something like $55 for shipping when the Satiator released, but yeah was hit for VAT later that came to maybe £70-80 or something, so that sounds about right if the shipping does include all the import costs. I think I said forever ago in this thread, it's not for everyone because it is expensive. But it's absolutely magnificent - the single best thing I've used in the ODE realm. Basically an Everdrive for a CD-based console, as in it's plug-and-play and you make no modifications to the hardware. If you can afford to spend that much (and you want to), it's completely worth it.
  13. I have one, it's great and hasn't blown up yet.
  14. I always find email interviews to be functional-but-basic - unless you're emailing someone who works as a writer. Then they get a bit carried away. Marc Laidlaw (ex-Valve) was always good value for an email interview. Tying it back to Retro Gamer - you can find some of my interviews with Laidlaw - conducted via email - in past issues. SEAMLESS PROMOTION.
  15. Another factor in interviews is some people just aren't very good at giving them. They might have all the good intentions and knowledge to back it up, but can't communicate themselves well enough, or don't think to say something, or waffle about something less interesting while passing over something more interesting. That last point being where a skilled interviewer should pick up on things and coax more information out, of course, but yeah. Some people just aren't built for talking and storytelling, sadly.
  16. A handful at most, and they were things like the real-time clock chip for Animal Crossing. No SA1s or SuperFXs or whatever. The RAM expansion helped plug the gap, I think.
  17. I forgot to post this here. SUCH MUSIC
  18. This is the point where nostalgia becomes damaging - when it becomes an escape that stops you from dealing with the now. As you get older it becomes clear why so many older people yearn for the past - 'simpler' just means 'I was paying attention so understood it'; 'better' means 'I've cherry picked the best bits and these cannot ever change, no mistakes can be made'; and 'what is retro' means a decades-long, multi-forum argument. tl;dr - Old is easy cos you know what happened. New is hard cos you don't know what's coming.
  19. Mine is 100% an Advance Wars 2 machine so far. And I'm weirdly absolutely happy with that.
  20. I passed my test this past Tuesday at the ripe young age of 38; if I can do it etc etc. (barring disabilities etc that may preclude, don't want to assume here)
  21. You can do something about it Daz - you can talk it through with a GP, a mental health professional, a counsellor. You can look at other medications, you can try CBT (different forms of it if it didn't work for you previously), look into meditation or guided breathing, become a complete running wanker, get a patch of garden to grow some shit (or an allotment), all sorts. I don't want this to sound like 'just do xyz', that's not the intention. I just don't want you to think it's hopeless when it's not at all - it's hard work and there will be a lot of stop-starting, but you can find something that works for you and helps you if you stick with trying to fix it. And for what it's worth, I hate being in offices and love working from home, but you're one of the few people I miss being in an office with. There's actually a fair few from Imagine I miss, even if tramping into an office every day makes me... less-than-happy, let's say. On the topic, I hoard. It's cyclical - I buy lots of shit, get too much (and don't touch most of it), then sell it on. Done it with games, retro consoles, board games, microphones, DVDs/Blu-rays, CDs, old controllers, and more. Most recently it was the microphones, and I've now got one left to sell so that'll be those cleared out - til the next mania takes over and I have to buy whatever comes to mind. It's not getting me in debt, I'm careful enough with money that it isn't hurting me like that, but I hate to think what we could have done house-wise, holiday-wise, general life-wise had I not spent literally thousands on stuff I ultimately have no use for and don't need (or, sometimes, even want). That said, I'm saving proceeds from selling stuff (and Patreon money, hah) to fund a private ADHD diagnosis. A three-year wait on the NHS is a bit much. Wherever we move to in future needs a garden I can do proper gardening in, because I felt proper zen doing that shit. Really, properly stop and take a lungful of air and feel content kind of stuff. Much more than buying five cheap PS2s could ever do. Also this: I play D&D online with a group of friends regularly on Roll20 and it's easily one of the highlights of each week we play. I always come out of it beaming, with stories to tell, having just laughed for a few hours solid. It might not be in person, but it works well.
  22. There were a few consumer DVD drives that could read/rip GD-ROMs. It certainly wasn't common, but it was possible. So it may be something Polymega factored in from day one. edit: @Wonderm's link just beat me to it (by a day)
  23. My time to shine/self-promote. 2D PS1 games: Overlooked games: If you cba watching or scanning through the 25 games one has chapters which reveal all the secrets ("games"). The 2D one doesn't, I haven't gone back and added them. And if those tickle your fancy, just search PS1 or PlayStation in the rest of my videos for a few more similar lists. I like PlayStation.
  24. Fwiw on the handling fee, they've not replied to me on my usual "I ain't paying that" email. In fact they've just sent me a letter saying I've to pay in 10 days or they're escalating. So that route out of it may have been cut off. Anyway, customs were about £55 - I got a Pocket and Dock.
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