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  1. TO's is niche and expensive too
  2. I had a Darksoft cart (long since sold), it was perfect. Shame if they're not making any more, but even before the parts shortage it was only ever a very niche, expensive product. And they were constantly having to deal with bullshit from TO.
  3. EZ-Flash Omega (not the DE one, I don't think)
  4. I know there's mixed reports on flashcarts, but I'm in the fortunate pile that it runs mine with no problems at all. I'm absolutely rinsing through Advance Wars 2, which I absolutely did not expect.
  5. Thanks, I'm sure she'll ace it. Or whatever it is people do with PhDs. I'm a straight C student, so no idea. And that sounds very cool. Do you work for Frontier at all? Hah
  6. Thanks! What's your astro focus? My wife's about a year out from getting her PhD. She's on exoplanets, brave new worlds and all that...
  7. Yeah, update_all updated itself to incorporate/become the new updater, so is still the updater to update with update
  8. Syndicate Wars absolutely nailed it for me, made the original game into the thing it always promised it could be - dark and gritty cyberpunk, laser-blasting nihilism-'em-up stuff. So lovely and grimy. At the same time I think there's an argument it's different enough from the first game that Wars doesn't actually overshadow Syndicate. They end up as companion pieces separated by a few years' technological progress. And grime.
  9. See, I read that, and I understood the words, but for some reason it didn't blossom into an actual thought and/or memory.
  10. Remember this is now coming from Spain so it could be different. Just to bear in mind. NOPE
  11. I actually played all the console/arcade games (except Beast Rider) to completion, even though I did cheat on The Duel:
  12. Yeah, it's made for people like my brother - loves the Amiga, doesn't give a shit about actually having to try to get it working.
  13. Yeah, the Amiga games that have stood the test of time aren't the ones that were trying to compete with consoles of the day. They're the ones that were more PC-like, or just very Amiga. Or Championship Manager.
  14. oh cool there's more (sorry for derailing into TO bashing)
  15. I think the post @spanky debrest shared helps with context. They're just being arseholes, and it's difficult to see why aside from him being a competitor. And if that's the case.. fucking hell. If it's anything else? Fucking hell. I'm glad I saw how the TO lot were when it came to making their Neo Geo flash carts a few years ago; made sure I'd never give them the time of day for anything else they ever produced. Also the deleted tweet was in response to this - nothing to do with Spain taking Ukrainian immigrants, Krikkz has a residency permit already:
  16. Oh what's that, Terraonion are a bag of pricks? (this was in response to Krikkz of Everdrive fame posting that he'd escaped literal war and was now safe in Spain):
  17. A bit late, but issue 59 released. Eagle-eyed readers may notice one small detail from this issue: it's my last one. I've since moved on to Other Things. I'll genuinely miss the mag, it was really good fun to help put together for... good god it was three-and-a-bit years. But new challenges, and all that. (this does also mean I'm likely not going to be updating here, mostly because I'll completely forget to given it won't be a constant, daily thing for me) Thanks for all the support, but given the mag is still going: carry on supporting it! PRINT. WILL. NEVER. DIE.
  18. Massively recommend Slipways if you've not already played it: https://krajzeg.itch.io/slipways (then upgrade to the PC version because it's brilliant)
  19. You can change the ED menu's resolution, though I'm not sure if that switches between interlaced and not. Worth a try though. It's somewhere in the options, which is about as helpful as I can be.
  20. That's the one. Ol' flickery Bob. I think you can avoid the flickering by running it as a passthrough signal, but that both might not work, and might add lag. Oh, and it might look worse (combing artefacts etc) But don't quote me on that.
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