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  1. You can change the ED menu's resolution, though I'm not sure if that switches between interlaced and not. Worth a try though. It's somewhere in the options, which is about as helpful as I can be.
  2. That's the one. Ol' flickery Bob. I think you can avoid the flickering by running it as a passthrough signal, but that both might not work, and might add lag. Oh, and it might look worse (combing artefacts etc) But don't quote me on that.
  3. The deblur does have to be toggled, so you might need to flick the switch (or do the button combo on newer mods) to see if that makes a difference. I don't think it's ever razor sharp though, just less fuzzy. Vibrating image all I can think is it's outputting an interlaced signal. Check the OSSC's input & output settings. I don't actually know what needs to be changed as I've not had an OSSC in a while.
  4. Thank you, that's very kind of you to say. We're sort of siloed off from the world each month making it, so very pleasant to come up for air and see things like this. Long may the mag continue. Just to spite whoever it was that said they gave it six months.
  5. That's well cool - Will makes really good stuff, he does some proper tinkering. Love it.
  6. https://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/wusbmote_1player_adapter_v3/index.php
  7. If my actions in doing this every time end up bankrupting FedEx, I will personally apologise to Gary FedEx, creator of FedEx.
  8. Sod that, email them on ukinvoicequery@fedex.com with this template - obviously change relevant bits to make it apply to your situation. I've done it five or six times - including this week - and it always works, they tell you they've credited the invoice with the £12-odd, so you just pay the rest.
  9. Anything exporting/importing is taking 2, 3, 4 times longer than usual - 'rona plus Christmas. That black hole when it's apparently left the country it's coming from but hasn't yet reached its destination-nation is... not good, for people who get a bit obsessive about checking tracking. Nothing I've had sent has gone missing in the past year or so, it's just taken longer and longer each time to show up. Had a couple of camera lenses from Ukraine earlier in the year that took about three weeks apiece, and that was before busy season. So don't lose hope. Yet.
  10. Genuinely my main takeaway from the book. An interesting curio and one where you can coo at the projects you didn't know existed til you saw them in there, but the writing is... wayward. Lost my interest very quickly. Anyway, the topic: this has ruined the original Stunt Car Racer for me. I can never go back to racing at 3 seconds per frame.
  11. Semi-regular update to repeat the following: - Analogue has released multiple, phenomenally high quality clone consoles. Their reputation when it comes to making hardware is superb. They are 100% not scammers, nor do they make shitty low quality clone devices. - There are reasons things are being delayed. Try buying a GPU from one of the world's biggest manufacturers, then wonder aloud how that compares to a tiny company making incredibly niche products. - The Mega SG, Super NT, DAC, and even (to a lesser extent) the NT Mini have all been available, easily, for significant amounts of time direct from Analogue. If you've not got one you were after, you've managed to miss extended windows of availability. The preorder/early availability is a free for all, sure, but just... wait a bit? I don't actually think it's particularly smart for them to take as many orders as there are, considering current circumstances. The old method of limited preorders feels like it'd be more manageable in case component prices rise even more than they have. But then maybe it's a hedging technique - having orders at a set price stretching years down the line with the hope component prices and availability will settle back to some level of normalcy before they get around to actually manufacturing the later run stuff. Though that would only apply if they take money from people on ordering, so I've no idea. Just thinking aloud. In type.
  12. This month's took a while, so much so that it's now next month:
  13. There's also this https://www.economist.com/business/2021/11/06/soaring-newsprint-costs-make-life-even-harder-for-newspapers
  14. Ugh. Don't Gamefly up the design and keep it so I can easily access a huge amount of gaming information and it'll be fine, I guess. I use Mobygames a hell of a lot for research (and box art) so it's a resource I rely on massively, and I don't want that turned into some marketing frontend for streaming retro games and selling NTFs NFTs or whatever Atari wants to be into this week.
  15. The UK did the same on stuff from anywhere outside the UK, apparently on anything costing £135 or less. Though from what I see most outlets just slap an extra 20% on the purchase price regardless of how much it costs (or to circumvent that they don't take orders on anything costing less than £135). It does mean if things cost £135 or less there's no tax to pay, as you've - theoretically, with that added 20% - already paid it.
  16. I can get people not liking God Hand. I love it, but I can see it being an acquired taste. The most perfect Alien game ever made, though? Yeah, they're genuinely stupid reviews. Can people be retroactively fired
  17. Nah, people liked it in the late 90s: https://web.archive.org/web/20191206034524/https://www.gamerankings.com/n64/199127-turok-2-seeds-of-evil/articles.html
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