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  1. It was a good feature, it looked nice, and it suited the mag. YEEEEEAH
  2. I still remember the (mild) fury (from some quarters) when I did the split Half-Life/Black Mesa piece for Retro Gamer years ago. Not only was Half-Life 'not retro enough' to be retro, but Black Mesa was a brand new game. How dare I, etc etc.
  3. Exactly this. GTA was massive, but GTA London and GTA 2 were damp squibs by comparison. Plus an existing franchise 'going 3D' was actually more something to worry about than be excited by, given how many things had stumbled in the transition over the previous five or so years. So people heard about it, there was lukewarm hype, but it wasn't anything near what you'd expect for a game that literally changed gaming.
  4. I'm going to assume that's just the unfortunate result of a 'play this recent game' page being in a retro-headed section rather than anybody thinking something from 2017 is retro in 2021... but at the same time that made me shudder a bit.
  5. You could try a magic eraser on those scuffs, they worked wonders on the haul of foisty DCs I picked up earlier this year.
  6. It definitely will play ROM files once the inevitable jailbreak comes out. They just play the public-facing 'no ROMs please' card so they don't attract the attention of - mainly - Nintendo.
  7. Yep. Not quite twitter mobs storming the capitol sorts of things, but there was more than enough controversy around it for a time.
  8. They've never updated it beyond the v1.0 it comes with, so I assume they've never seen the point in uploading it.
  9. Does anyone know of someone I'd be able to donate ("send") some mags to to be scanned and shared on Archive or whatever? I've picked up some older copies of Play to plug some gaps in my digital collection (not available on Archive etc), but a basic printer/scanner will take me forever to get them all done.
  10. Another one I loved. Something like 26 pages on Tekken 2, they got the arcade version in the office and utterly *rinsed* it for a month or two. Proper in depth nerdy stuff, well before it was getting major coverage in UK mags.
  11. I honestly can't think of a favourite issue. Too many mags, too many memories, too many individual snippets floating around my brainpan. Two spring to mind as candidates though: Issue 48 of Amiga Power, one because it was the last issue I remember buying - it marks the point I did finally give up on the Amiga and move on to consoles. And two because it had Frontier: First Encounters in it, claiming it was coming to Amiga (it "was" at the time, mind) and begging us to believe the PC screens might look anything like the finished Amiga version. They weren't lying, they were working on faith, and it looks silly in retrospect. Then there's Play issue 17 (which I got the cover mixed up with issue 8), which I remember reading cover to cover while waiting for my mum to have laser eye surgery in Manchester. Of the seven games named on that cover, five are up there with my favourite-ever PS1 games. Decent hit rate. I mean, the Resi 2 they're previewing ended up as Resi 1.5, but as with AP above you can't really blame them.
  12. Yeah it didn't sound right/sounded too obvious, but worth a pop. T2 was 1991, by the way. Still well after that issue came out, though.
  13. A lot of things were supposed to happen last year...
  14. The personality intro's from June; I've shaved since.
  15. DC one does indeed work with the analogue stick. Also has a mode specifically for arcade sticks (i.e. no analogue stick), so set either way. I need to stop derailing by talking about DC in a GC thread...
  16. Oh you absolutely can hook it up to the PVM, but as with everything Analogue does it costs a chunk of change more. https://www.analogue.co/dac
  17. I mean the SNES isn't a nightmare, you just* get an FX Pak and it plays 99.9% of things with only some... I don't know, Sudoku games or some crap not working. What issues does NES emulation have? Never dipped into it much, so not aware of anything there. *for 'just' £130 or whatever it is
  18. Not from Retro Fighters. There's the (expensive, but it is small batch/home made sort of stuff) DreamConn. Probably the best option right now is Brook's Wingman SD, which lets you pair any Bluetooth controller with it.
  19. This. It's not like the SNES where you need a ROM cart to play special chip games. Mega SG plays everything out of the box with official non-official firmware, including Virtua Racing. Jailbreak firmware can't play Virtua Racing, my mistake. If you got an Everdrive it'd be for Mega CD games and, if you could be bothered with the hardware and palaver, 32X games. I tried the latter; don't bother.
  20. Ah, I see - didn't see that on the Retro Fighters site, weirdly.
  21. Yeah they've had practically the same layout on every controller they've made - for fighting games, really, but I use them for everything. Not sure which you've got them mixed up with? Retro Bit?
  22. Retro Fighters doing a wireless GC controller, you say? WELL NOW https://castlemaniagames.com/products/retro-fighters-bladegc-2-4-ghz-wireless-edition-orange (Retro Fighters pads are very good)
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