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  1. So if it's on Beeb 3 we can watch it six months to a year later on real TV? Spose that's better than nothing *grumblegrumble* The wrasslin tourny still going on?
  2. I let one of your Irish kind be my friend at uni - he says it all the time. Never tried to spell it though.. Err.. Topic - yes. We have a feedback section on the site if you want to slag anything of or even if you want to (shock, horror!) praise something. Which is nice.
  3. Would you prefer "ahhh, whataboytye, squire?" I've proberly got the wrong Ireland there
  4. And there was me thinking there was some kind of developer's union. Christ on a bike that's mental. Really fucking stupid. They'll end up killing someone. Then maybe they'll take notice. Or just employ someone else.
  5. Techical limitations are a minus in my view as they stop the game from reaching the levels it sets out to achieve in respects to graphical flair/frame rate etc. The West Coast gangsta scene is not everyone's thing. I personally know people who have actually been put of playing the game because it centres on the West Coast culture. It doesn't have the 80's charm that Vice City did, which added an almost comical edge to things. People love to look at the eighties and laugh or reminisce, but not so many look with such glee at early nineties south-central LA. The defence rests.
  6. We'll ask Exnor to put some Anarchy symbols in the corners to 'punkitup' a bit - just for you
  7. That'll be Dr. Exnor, who has been having some kind of foreign argumen up the page. He seems to be some kind of godly entity when it comes to designing things and making them work (for me). EDIT: Spose Tom can have some credit too
  8. Yeah, and as for that GTA review - wow! B)
  9. Comes across as the same as the first to me, albeit with better looks. Horrible, horrible on foot controls. The guy can't even turn a corner properly on foot. And he has a stupidly large head.
  10. Roulette - always bet on black. Easy. Though I made my fortune by betting $100,000 on black 13, 1-18, second 12, first column of numbers and odd, and $500,000 on black. It landed on black 13. I won a lot of money.
  11. It was really bright and less 'metallic' on the consoles. And the music went from great to bollocks. Cursed console ports.
  12. Yep. Amiga 1200. Maybe PC. Not sure bout that though.
  13. I emailed them a while back (we're talking two or so years ago) asking if they could help me get a copy of The Chaos Engine 2 for the Amiga as I'd never got to play it - they responded saying they didn't have any, blah blah blah and that they'd keep a look out for me. I received a number of emails over the next few weeks pointing me to auctions, online stores and people in general who were selling CE2. Most helpful customer service ever? I think so.
  14. If you've seen Boyz N The Hood et al then you know what to expect. Simple as, really. I've realised that "Fo' Sho'" has already entered my vocabulary. Curses...
  15. It's all very authentic/well done as far as I can tell* *Being a middle class white boy from the suburbs who's biggest crime was stealing a balloon as a child.** **And as long as you ignore the few incidents of yarring..
  16. Click For Spoiler I've been playing 2-player with my housemate today, the icon we found allowed for free roaming of the city, just with two people. No missions available, but you have the freedom to go wherever and do whatever. A good laugh and a nice surprise.
  17. Yeah, a site that \i sometimes visit ( naughty!) took the game down after less than a day to avoid any trouble, as they'd heard second-hand threats about $100,000 dollar fines. A non direct threat is enough to stop them, so why don't more companies bother?
  18. It's ridiculously smooth on the demo. Frighteningly so.
  19. GamesTM goes on about how it shouldn't be compared to Halo, more likened to something like Rainbow Six. Dunno, not played it, but it's nice to see that instead of the usual Halo comparison tripe.
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