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  1. Yes, in Edinburgh they understand the 'soul stealing magick boxes of doom' and don't have to run into shot to try and exorcise the evil from the area. You need to get a whacking stick. To whack all those who come into shot to be fools.
  2. It has a few features on violent games. Not read it yet. Just did a 5,000 word piece on that kind of thing for uni so I'll just be reading what I've already written I'm guessing...
  3. But you both looked so cuddly in the photo!
  4. I agree they attempted with giving him personality. It was just the wrong personality.
  5. I started a second time through as a thief, then got to a point where I had to nick some darts from a big building - they were on a bed, that much I knew (after having to consult Gamefaqs... ), but it turned out I had already nicked them beforehand and used them. So I can never complete that mission. Balls.
  6. I thought he was an arse. A cliched arse. I know games characters aren't exactly at the cutting edge of creativity and originality, but he really irritated me. His 'wise'cracks especially.
  7. Well I for one enjoy that particular brand of vomit and dog shit, with the vast majority of bands from the soundtrack already being in my record collection - so I'm happy with it. At least it isn't genericore wank dance/'rock' shite. And any company that is willing to put Reggie and the Full Effect on a soundtrack deserves my bumlove.
  8. I think I hated it more than I should have because it was billed as a better GTA and all that wank. Looking back, I should have hated it more for just being absolute tripe. Beat the last boss for the best ending by [consolevania]taptaptaptaptap[/consolevania] ing. The soundtrack was horrible. The driving mechanics were shite. The on foot sections appalled me. And as for the zombies... Well... Not as bad as Driver 3 though, obviously.
  9. YOU H8 TEH GAMEZ!!11one Yep. Great, as ever. Possibly best yet. Michigan looked.. Errm.. Fucked up. Oh, and I felt positively dirty laughing at the 'not work safe' line...
  10. Just got gold on all the crashes. Woop. 65% done now. That fucking F1 car is a cunt though. I'm rubbish at Road Rage in multiplayer, but good in single player. Hmm..
  11. And that's exactly what it does with BO3. I think, to be fair, the music does feel a little shoehorned in, but with more time to think about things for the next one they'll be able to pick much more 'organic' music and make it react to how you're doing (ala BO2, SSX3). Already looking to the sequel.. Crikey, falling foul of something I always complain about..
  12. So err - is that to people who've just asked now or have you got names on a file type thingy from previous sendings of escapades? i.e. do I need to axe for another? I just want to know if I'm getting an envelope touched by you boys. So I can bum it. Mmm, envelope love...
  13. On playing BO3 I was more than pleasantly suprised to see a shedload of bands I love. Fuck - it's even got Reggie and the Full Effect on it, which really caught me off guard - I can understand Yellowcard, Midtown, even Fall Out Boy, but I did not expect Reggie. Anyway - I think if music suits, it's fine. A lot of the time game music is just as lazy as the licensed stuff - generic shitty loops that add nothing whatsoever to the experience. Pennywise and Rise Against, on the other hand, add a great deal to hammering round tracks at 180mph.
  14. Will this one be availiabbbelele on disc or will I have to cripple my computer to download it? Tatouoauououououoauou - ANSWER!
  15. Well I put Tekken 4 on last night to refresh my memory. Ten minutes later it was back in the box in the bottom of the cupboard. I remembered why I was so thoroughly disappointed with it. It's just poor. Wish I still had Tag Tournament. If only for the bowling mini-game...
  16. Playing Smackdown HCTP last night made me think of this thread again - the way The Rock takes an armband off for his finisher, then if you do it again he goes for the same one, realises it isn't there so takes the other one off, then the third time he just doesn't bother. Well, I liked it.. The first time I remember dynamic music really impressed me too - The Chaos Engine it was, when it picks up as you approach the end of the level. Really enjoyed that.
  17. Yeah, the bosses are very 'learn pattern exploit weakness defeat' jobbies. Love it. Got a shitload of fun outta that game.
  18. Never happened to me... I adore how it kicks back in when you land. 'Way Away' by Yellowcard is one of the best on SSX3 for landing to. Which seems an odd thing to say... I always liked how the trees burned on Syndicate, and the various standing still animations of all games ever - looking at a watch, staring at the screen confusedly, even telling the player off in some games. It's always made me giggle. WE8 seems a good one for touches too, with players acting more and more like the real thing.
  19. The difficulty gets artificially ramped up towards the end, which takes a lot of fun out of it. But the rest of the game is sublime. Really, really good fun.
  20. See, having not bought Gamesmaster or C&VG in about 10 years this is quite shocking to my brain - they were bitterest of enemies! How can the same company own them?! The brain that has caught up with the world also understands this though. Can't say it bothers that part.
  21. But! But! But! Blessed! Brian! Boss Nass! I think I love the man a little too much...
  22. HEATHEN! "Oh well, who wants to live forever! DIIIIIIIIIIIVE!"
  23. I have to say I shat all over Abbot from a great height first time around (on normal) with a big club I had. Maybe it's the difficulty, but I had no problems with him whatsoever.
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