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  1. Whoa/woah/waoh - noone told me Brian "The Fuck" Blessed did voiceovers for games! I love that man! He can act at high altitude without the need for extra breathing equipment thanks to his massive lung capacity. I like his face.
  2. Err... PS2 - nothing Xbox - nothing GC - nothing DC - loads fucking slowly and sounds like it's trying to get out so it can eat my soul, but nothing really wrong PSOne - turn it upside down, works fine. Then it died. £40 to fix it. Never had any problems ever again. Megadrive, SNES, NES, Master System etc etc - nothing a bit of blowing cartridges wouldnt fix Amiga - I broke the disk drive but blamed it on my brother. He had to pay £70 to fix it. When he was about 12. HA! PC - FUCK OFF AND BURN YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF SHITE!! AAAARGH! Ahem..
  3. Just one thing - because the dream comments are still annoying me: Does anyone here have perfectly logical dreams all the time? And why would Riddick not dream about killing Johns? HE HATES HIM!
  4. That actually sounds plausible...
  5. Yes. That's a very, very feeble example. Incredibly so, in fact.
  6. I actually coped better with the Laguna Seca corner than I did on most other 'easier' tests - I think it was because it's such a fucking extreme corner that my brain overcompensated and let me do it on one of my first tries. And I never did the last mission on Driver either. Horrible, horrible mission. Ridiculous.
  7. That is fucking ridiculous, to be fair. Imagine what would happen if someone cut in!
  8. Not really by me though - the discs have been in the corner of my peripheral vision for about 3 months now. Staring at me. Goading me. "Play me, Ian - PLAY ME!" But I will resist. It pissed me off so I gave up in a strop. I never got far on Grim Fandango either. Damn my penchant for lack of logic.
  9. My childhood has been destroyed. Thankyou.
  10. The final encounter with Doc Ock on Spiderman 2 was an annoying little shit, til I learned how to dodge properly, that is. My all time most difficult is probably the Atlantic Accelerator on Syndicate. That was just a fuck of a level. And the American Revolt mission disk just took the piss sometimes.
  11. Ah! When you stand on the big clock, you can get knocked off by the seconds hand - you fall to the bottom of the pit, have a couplea scraps then when you exit the room you come out of that door - I'm 99.9% sure! See, I can sit here for five hours straight trying to do this fucking Journalism coursework and getting nowhere, but when it comes to games my brain actually works. Curse you brain. Curse you all the way to hell!
  12. You go somewhere, and do something, and come out of that door I'm pretty sure. I know, I know, I'm possibly the most helpful person alive. Please, no autographs...
  13. How is: "I want to be your downloadable content" Not funny? Well, it made me giggle at least.
  14. Sounds to me like an extension of the student lifestyle... Sold!
  15. Right - as someone else said, you made absolutely no indication that you had finished the tutorial and that you understood it was simply a dream sequence, this is why people picked up on it. As for it being illogical - why? Riddick has been captured and is on his way to prison. This he knows. He is asleep. Why would he not dream about escaping? Seeing as that is his main ambition, and thus - his dream goal.
  16. Those criticisms (not Davros') are ridiculous in the most part. Just play the game a bit longer then you'll get an idea of the filmic quality and continuity it does have. Thinking that Johns dies.. Seriously.. Gah. All the back story to Riddick and we still don't know what he's done? Well I think it's better left to the imagination - it's along the lines of "he isn't a nice man and has killed a lot of people in various nasty ways". We don't need to be shown this though. I dunno, I think I'm on the defensive because I like the character.... ahemandIlikebothfilmsahem...
  17. Why not just give them both to Paul Anderson so we can write them off now, instead of waiting to have our hopes crushed?
  18. I've never even read Edge... I'll get me coat..
  19. One of the only bands in the world who can add legible/singalong choruses, backing vocals and guitar solos to their new album, yet retain all of the grindcore reputation. Anyone who has heard them and likes them, or has heard them and doesn't like them needs to see them live (if you haven't already, of course). They're a force to be reckoned with on stage. Not a festival band, you need an enclosed environment to really get the best out of them. "wall" "of" and "sound" are words that spring to mind. Stunning, stunning band.
  20. Damn the inevitable draw of hype. It's got me. I want this game now.
  21. The arcade in Meadowhall (Sheffield) used to be great - they had all the 'big event' games at the front, which were a giggle if they were cheaper than £400 a play, but they always had older 'normal' games towards the back. Right up til it got overrun by little chav cunts and they shut it, it had a lot of great games. Never did finish Metal Slug there though.. Plus it provides me with one of my favourite memories of idiocy from my brother (and one that I still hold against him to this day) - seeing the Super Streetfighter 2 cab, not knowing what it was then standing for 10 minutes complaining about someone ripping off SF2 characters - namely the "blatantly obvious Blanka lookalike". I, being three years his junior, obviously didn't have the authority to correct him by pointing out the fact that it had the words 'Streetfighter' plastered all over it.. Ah memories..
  22. Yeah, well... Where are my Gamestation vouchers?!?
  23. Yeah, I wouldn't class Teachers as coffee table TV. That's a bit harsh. It's bloody funny stuff and has a lot of surreal humour in and around it - watching the kids in the background is usually guaranteed a giggle.
  24. Ah, but I realise how good Jaffa Cakes are and I haven't lost them. Ha! Can the bitching carry on please? It's fun to watch.
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