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  1. It's WWE, not WWF. Don't act like you don't know! I didn't think it looked too bad - not as bad as people are saying, at least. But I know it won't be good. I think what Knowles is saying is that if it were any other characters it would be horrible, but because it's Aliens and Predators, you get at least some enjoyment from it. Ah well, at least I have the books/graphic novels to fall back on...
  2. But if it were on BBC3 I wouldn't be able to watch it - and it's all about ME!!
  3. Didn't BigLime write that article? So I'm guessing he's been to them...
  4. To be fair, the guy from Mediawatch or whatever did sound like a weasely little shit.* *Allegedly
  5. Most. MOST. From the kind of conviction the BigLime shows towards gaming, he doesn't come across as being most people. I hesitate to go on a rant, because I don't actually know the fella and I don't want to put words in his mouth/talk utter bollocks. But. Yeah - the world isn't all about money. Sheer enjoyment, commitment and integrity can still drive things.
  6. Another vote for Channel 4 here. Just so I can watch it. Freeview/digital isn't in this household's repertoire. Wait - if you're properly on TV can you say 'Bummed in the gob' every week, meaning you get a prize every week?
  7. Well, at 21 all my dreams and aspirations of being a videogames journalist have suddenly been crushed. You mean I won't be earning £400,000 a year from the off? You mean I won't be highly respected amongst my peers? Ah well, where's that McDonalds application form?
  8. I posted asking for help with this in the Ask forum. Noone cared. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=52890 But now I have a couple of links to stories about violent games, so I'm getting there. Any more?
  9. I haven't played it since FFTA went in the SP. But I want to. It's just underneath loads of boxes and my room's a tip as it is. I remember whining about not having any money on it on this very forum. I was advised to wait for Fall and buy Sweet Potato seeds. I did. I now have thousands upon thousands. It is good.
  10. Got an Xport from Play for like £15 a while back, dunno if they still do them. And if my dude is fucking up Saturn, then I must win. I mean - it's Perry Saturn!
  11. Errm yeah - I searched and came up with nothing about this, so here you go: Read this Seems legit to me, but what do I know?
  12. Tremble in fear at the mention of: NAGATA Apparently, the 'Submission Commander' or something. Nice.
  13. Remember in regards to stealth - Riddick is a killing machine. Use him as such. Don't make my mistake of hiding for ages and trying not to be seen. Ever.
  14. There seems to be less blatant cheating on the computers part. At least, losing 2-1 to Saudi Arabia didn't make me vomit blood on a friendly OAP then destroy the lives of a few kids on my street, as PES3 liked to do.
  15. As far as my brain remembers, yes. They worked on the single lens jobby.
  16. If it doesn't really affect the price/loading times whatever else, what does it really matter? The extra storage is there if it's needed, if it isn't, it isn't used and noone gets hurt. The way people are going on here it sounds like you want good old floppies back. Then games can use all the storage on them! 4000 times over!
  17. Surely it could be some form of libel/slander? Anythign? Please?! How funny would it be for the Daily Mail to go under - all because of THIS SICK FILTH..
  18. When I've been in clear 'untackleable' positions holding X, my players simply barged the other player off the ball, conceding a foul. Class. I agree with everything you said there - it just feels a shitload more real, and the lack of catchup is a godsend. Plus Rooney and Ronaldinho are both fuck ugly, which is another nice touch.
  19. Actually - Aliens Versus Predator aswell - facehuggers. Bastards. Made me shriek like a right little gayer. I never got far into Silent Hill 2 cos it scared me too much. I really am crap at this stuff. There's tons more.
  20. Well, I just got it and tested it out for a bit. Testing began at about 12 midnight. Jesus fucking crikey this game is fun. They seem to have tweaked it very, very well to make for a much more flowing experience. Scored a goal, started to celebrate, cut to linesman flagging for offside. Never seen that before. I was strangely happy.
  21. Christmas 1990, Ian's first computer - an Amiga 500 something like the 'Cinema Dreams' pack or suchlike - movie licenced games with it. One being Nightbreed. That fucking twat snake headed fuck gave me fucking nightmares on fucking Christmas fucking day. The fuck. One of the first games I ever played scared the shite out of me. Nice.
  22. I had nothing but fun with DC2 - I couldn't abide by number 1's plodding pace, so 2 filled the gap nicely. It's a good laugh. Shooting thousands of Raptors never gets old...
  23. What be the address then, Miss Tatouaousouoauoauoauaoua? I wish to send something I've just built. It's great. It has guns and everything*. * Not necccccccccccccessssssssarily true.
  24. Howsabout a 'modified' version of on eof those McDonalds Sonic games? That's how imaginative I am! Or what about a copy of Manhunt? Itz teh baned u no!
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