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  1. Well that was great. Especially the Robocop bit, which was making me want to cry with embarrasment, til Diamond stepped in in a highly comical fashion. Class.
  2. I can't even cope with PES3 on 3* when I'm at the pinnacle of health. (well, the pinnacle of my health, which isn't saying much..) I can win, but I shout a throw things and get mad. When hungover/angry.. Well, I once broke my knuckles. Why they make walls so hard? Or Champ Manager when angry. Horrible. Broke a £1200 laptop cos of that fucker. Basically: anything + my temper =
  3. Can't remember in arcades, but at home it was Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles on the Amiga, Christmas Day 1989. And I was six.
  4. Aren't they all genetically engineered so they age differently? Or did I just make that up to make myself seem better?
  5. I beg to differ - it's blatantly a carbon copy. 'Why, Ian, why?' I hear you ask - well, because the characters have faces. That's obviously a direct rip-off of everything Vandal Hearts. I'll get me coat...
  6. I did find it amusing how I was (very recently) reading AP2 - the Amiga Power site thingy - and they go on about how they made mistakes early on by putting pictures of bearded developers in the mag.. Hmm..
  7. Last month they had the porn phone lines advertised, this month there's a large picture of the Pickfords. Coincidence? I think not.
  8. It has actually made me think a couple of times, before letting me throw even more men off a cliff from fifty metres away. Tis very fun indeed and quite a suprise.
  9. Oo! Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee on Xbox! 4-players, all just stood around making ol' Zilla do his roar thingy. Over. And over. And over. Good god we have fun...
  10. Wait - so Goldeneye invented objectives?
  11. I heartily agree. The games industry is the only one where people are constantly looking to the future and never appreciating the 'now'. And the only reason they look to the future most of the time is to slag it off. I think some form of appreciation thingy in mags would be a good idea. Errm.. That's all I have to add.
  12. GTM's preview of Sudeki too - finishes with the line: "we could have spent the best part of three years getting excited over nothing..." The rest isn't too nice aswell, not just the last line..
  13. Stole them right out of my brain. You damn brain-stealing brain stealer...
  14. Yeah, I really see the Syphon Filter comparison - it really is like SF + telekinisisiesidfes. Top laugh and bloody good fun, exactly like games should be. Not perfect, but it was never made to be.
  15. Reeto - just got broadband hooked up in the ol' house, and networked to my housemate's PC. Now we want games. Problem is, my PC may aswell be coal-powered and he's a fucking snob when it comes to graphics (but that's another matter altogether). What online PC shenanigans would you peeps recommend? Specifically things we can play together, possibly co-op, that don't look too bad and that don't need large amounts of RAM (read: over 96MB) or anything over a 4MB graphics card. Told you my PC sucked. And no, I can't afford to do it up at all.
  16. Wow.. Techie humour I have absolutely no understanding of... I'm sure once the forum software is made good it'll get better. Obviously I'm straight on there anyway. Tis nice.
  17. One of the many small touches I like about the game. See also: 'recap' option, ability to either completely skip cutscenes or fast forward them to a desired point. Clever ideas in oft-overlooked places. Hearty slap on the back from me at least!
  18. Is it just me that finds it very hard? I'm struggling like a bastard on chapter 3.. Maybe I just don't have the right mindset for it. I like it though, but because of the difficulty I am shouting a lot - but I'm not turning it off in disgust, I'm simply trying again. (and again, and again and again..) I dunno, I'm giving it chances. It's the kind of thing I'd like to see more of, but thanks to whatever's happened I don't think we will.. Or will we? Ahh...
  19. That's one of the main reasons I really enjoy(ed) the game - as I said, the characterisation is amazing. They could have been cheeky and made Riddick a bit of a pussy, but they keep him exactly how he's supposed to be - always dangerous. Love it.
  20. Right, it's my birthday 8 days after the release, so I demand - DEMAND you send me one of those special uber-discs with all three episodes on it! Demand... Or I shall cry.
  21. I got stuck in the same fashion, believing I should have a weapon - once I unlearned what I had been taught by previous stealthy games (i.e. don't be seen, EVAAAAAR!) it all falls into place. Riddick is the kind of person who rushes people and sticks a screwdriver in their throat. Perfect characterisation implemented into the game. Love it.
  22. I'd guess yes. Was the game made by Vin Diesel's own company? Or published by them or something? On the credits that for some reason I watched there was a company listed with Diesel as the Executive Producer. I think the fact that he put himself, his voice et al in the game is really cool. (this may have been covered on an earlier page, but I haven't bothered reading them, so if it is the case - sorry!)
  23. Finished this badboy today. Bloody lovely stuff. Ron Perlman! Stompy robot action! Minigun! Woo! Plus the line: "I play the cards I'm given... Then I cheat." is class. Riddick = quality.
  24. Is FM4 good? Just the general consensus here.. I'm looking into it but I've never played the old ones, so I'm not sure.
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