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  1. Edited to suit what I was going to say! I'll email ye, but I don't have any sample work floating around as far as my hard drive tells me.. Hmm.. I shall write something. What general word counts are we looking at?
  2. They're on here, which usually only has games that didn't sell too well but are great. I dunno - seeing as I loved it so much as a kid I always thought it had sold billions...
  3. I fucking adore the Syndicate series. I actually found a copy of Wars for the PSOne in my mates house the other day which is sitting at home waiting to be played. Definitely in need of a (competent) sequel. The Persuadertron noise: "shigga shigga" - Class!
  4. Well done. I never sent any gaming crap as I still have none. Plus I didn't finish making Sonic out of bellybutton fluff.. I might make Solid Snake out of pubes or something...
  5. It was a bag of bollocks anyway, but True Crime was ruined even more by loading sections - made the game a whole lot more disjointed. Doesn't help.
  6. Make sure it isn't VH2 - they somehow managed to fuck it up. But yes, Vandal Hearts you shall not regret. Amazing game. Not as deep as Disgagaggegagegegeeeaaaeaeae though. EDIT: Moose beat me to it...
  7. What about an animation of a door opening slowly? I'm guessing that wouldn't be cause for much criticism!
  8. Bloody good idea. In recent times I've lost track of Windwaker, Dark Cloud 2, Resident Evil Zero and a few others. Damn my lack of memory.
  9. I already charge my SP and phone every night and I'm one of the least organised/laziest people alive. It's really not that hard!
  10. Well, I phoned New Age once to ask about buying a game (I was young at the time, about 10) - a bloke answered the phone, I said: "I want to ask about <whatever game>", he laughed and said: "it's a kid!" and hung up on me. I think that was the beginning of the end. Cunts.
  11. Ooo, I'll enjoy it if it has that effect on me. I always got thoroughly upset when one of my men died on Cannon Fodder. (yes, I lead a lonely life...)
  12. The intro to MI4 - when Guybrush is writing in his diary: "ever since I washed up on the shores of Melee Island I knew I wanted to be a pirate.." then it shows him wash up on the shore, look up and go: "I wanna be a pirate!" That made me laugh for about 2 hours. Literally.
  13. I agree with that. Vandal Hearts 2 has the most cliched and downright wank story ever, and my interest in it suffered because of it. Disgaea doesn't suffer - to me at least - because the story isn't that bad, it just isn't really a large factor in things.
  14. I'm not technically minded, so I have no idea what I'm on about, but I remember reading something about the Vector units in the PS2 being insanely powerful if tapped into correctly. Just that they weren't being used right/at all. I think there'll be better to come.
  15. Errm.. Either Pepsi, Dr Pepper or red wine, with Sensations or Doritos. Usually.
  16. Yay for me and reading this and being made aware and getting Harvest Moon for fucking cheap. Yay for you all!
  17. Party gaming brings into play dirty, dirty, dirty tactics. Underhanded-cheating-fucker-wank-bastard-from-hell type stuff. My speciality! A personal favourite being grabbing an opponent's pad out of their hand and throwing it across the room. Never gets old, and not as easy/obvious as pulling their controller out of the console. Anyone have any star bar stories of cheating delights? So many fights caused...
  18. My parents named me for games. IAN - it all fits! B)
  19. The game finished. That's why it went back to the beginning. The save it offers you is a restart save, therefore I'm thinking you should bite the bullet and have (shock!) two saves! That way not only can you start the game again with your levelled up characters, but you can also carry on with your old save if you want - making a second attempt at defeating Mid-Boss! Wow! Note in many blurbs for the game it mentions "multiple endings"? Well when you lose to Mid-Boss you see one of these many endings. I'm going to end up repeating it about 40 times if I keep on writing.. So.. Yeah. I'm just bewildered you don't understand, is all.
  20. I did exactly the same. It's not a bug. The game ended because you lost to that demon guy, who then became head of the Underworld. Thus, the story ended. I was glad to restart actually, as I'd only been playing a couple of hours and you keep all exp, items etc, which made it a bit easier for me. Still haven't beaten that shit Vywhatever though. I really like it. Been looking for a tactical RPG like this for aaaaages.
  21. Or maybe PSX Pro. Yes, I think PSX Pro gave it something stupidly high. Fuckers. I was a kid! An innocent kid! They ruined me!* *this may be an exaggeration..
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