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  1. Jesus sodding crikey. So that means I'm good enough to write for the BBC! Woo! I think a lot of people are commenting more on reviews they don't agree with rather than ones that are particularly bad. But wahey, that's just me.
  2. 3 copies in HMV Preston, at least 5 in Game Preston. Thing is, when you live in a city.. Well.. "city" full of idiots, noone wants the good games - it's all FIFA and Conan. Yes, Conan.
  3. Dillinger Escape Plan in general. First time I saw them they just wouldn't let me go. I've been captivated for years now.. It's a sickness.. Recent times? Sonic Boom Six - Blood For Oil. Best British band I've heard in years.
  4. "Many companies are worried about confusion in the marketing of a product that plays movies as well as games." Granted, it is a portable machine so it is different, but what about the PS2/X and XBox? They play both.. Just seems like the usual doubts being expressed as they always are. Love this industry. Everything succeeds or fails based on how it performs months/years before it comes out.
  5. I'd rather die than buy The Sun. But I don't have to die, so I'll just avoid the free games and not buy that Nazi rag.
  6. Brand New turned around from being a great 'pop-emo' band to an absolutely fantastic band. The songwriting and musicianship is some of the best I've heard in a long time. Your Favourite Weapon is a very good album, but a lot more.. Well.. I'd say immature than Deja Entendu, which is one of my favourite albums of the last year. The one thing that sets BN apart from a lot of other bands though is the darkness in the lyrics - On YFW it's especially noticeable as it's a complete juxtaposition to the sound of the music - comes across as genericore pop punkiness, but with lyrics such as "have another drink and drive yourself home, I hope their's ice on all the roads, and you can think of me when you forget your seatbelt, and again when your head goes through the windshield" you kinda get thrown off. Anyway, I love 'em and I can't wait to see 'em (again) in Sheffield.
  7. Jello Biafra, Anti Flag, Alkaline Trio, NOFX (it's a capital O, fact fans), Rise Against, Descendents, Pennywise, Strung Out, Strike Anywhere, RX Bandits and Against Me! are "awfulness"?! Jeebus.. "The bands on this comp have come together for one reason, and that's to express our outrage at - and form a unified front against - the dangerous, destructive, and deadly policies of George W. Bush and his administration." It's not about one genre of music. It's not about who's 'punk' and who's not. It's a common front that I'm glad they can be unified on. Meh. I'm tired.
  8. You there! You! Is the Front Mission series any good? Should I be looking forward to the new version? That is all. Goodnight.
  9. What spec machine do you need to run it? I've wanted to get into the Tribes goodness for a while now, but never pulled my finger out. My shoddy PC with no graphics card won't be any good.. Will it?
  10. Ahh, right. It's disappeared now. A new copy of the GC Harvest Moon for £18.98 including shipping from a seller on Amazon. UK PAL, but 12-17 days delivery, as it's shipped from the US. Which is why I don't understand why it's UK PAL. Which is why I think I'm going to be ripped off in some fashion. Which is why.. Errm.. Yes. God I'm ill..
  11. Can't remember what it was called, but the disco afro one. Actually had tears of laughter with that one. Quality, quality, quality, quality game.
  12. I just ordered the top one. I'm guessing I'll probably get ripped off in some way, but meh - I'm a sucker for it. £18.98 with postage. I can wait 12-17 days! *Goes back to play his copied version of FOMT that some twat off Ebay sold him*
  13. A-thefuck-men. WINAAAAAAH! PRAAAYA WAN! Must find my copy of that.. It got lost when I moved house last year.. I'm finding that I'm receiving a fair bit of stick off my mates for playing Harvest Moon. "But it's a farm! That's not fun!" Fools.
  14. I'm suprised that people don't like the Letter From America columns. I find them to be very interesting - they're not intended as news columns, they're just about a gamer living in America. This month's (issue 18) column I found to be a particularly nice one, speaking of how XBox Live has given him the chance to be close to his friends back home again. They often leave me with a warm feeling inside. The Japanese ones aren't that great though, unfortunately. I'm subscribed to TM and I like it a lot. Edge just isn't for me.
  15. Splinter Cell. "Ooooh, you made on tiny little fucking misfuckingstake so now you're royally befucked!" Fuckers. Yes, I can't do it.
  16. What's the weather like in deadland? I'm just packing some stuff then I'm on my way to join ya! BREACH BANG AND CLEAR! Ahem...
  17. I have one friend who goes climbing, one who plays every instrument known to man, one who's an alcoholic, one who's a stoner.. And lots more.. I'm lying. I have no friends. So if I didn't play games I'd proberly have some..
  18. I don't have anything. I live in my student digs and only have the essentials. All the crap, if I have any, is at home. And I'm never going home again. And I can't download it. I'm going to cry.
  19. ianinthefuture


    Solution - someone lend/give me their copy! Yay! Seriously - I'm torn again..
  20. ianinthefuture


    1. If it's frustrating and Marmite, I think I'll give it a miss. 2. HCTP is frustrating, but I got good quickly and can royally fuck up anyone on it now. 3. I've never managed to break any of my pads - be they PS2 or otherwise.. And I throw them about shitloads.. Hmm..
  21. ianinthefuture


    I've been very tempted to pick this up, mainly cos it's about £10 everywhere.. I'm having a few doubts though.. Is it good for a mindless 15 minutes, or is it mind-numbingly anus in every way? Or is it frustrating? If it's frustrating, it can fuck off.
  22. Different game. This is the GBA version. I got my first cow yesterday!
  23. Armoured Core, baby! For some reason when I think of badness I can only picture Barry's face off the intro to the original Resident Evil...
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