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    Solution - someone lend/give me their copy! Yay! Seriously - I'm torn again..
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    1. If it's frustrating and Marmite, I think I'll give it a miss. 2. HCTP is frustrating, but I got good quickly and can royally fuck up anyone on it now. 3. I've never managed to break any of my pads - be they PS2 or otherwise.. And I throw them about shitloads.. Hmm..
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    I've been very tempted to pick this up, mainly cos it's about £10 everywhere.. I'm having a few doubts though.. Is it good for a mindless 15 minutes, or is it mind-numbingly anus in every way? Or is it frustrating? If it's frustrating, it can fuck off.
  4. Different game. This is the GBA version. I got my first cow yesterday!
  5. Armoured Core, baby! For some reason when I think of badness I can only picture Barry's face off the intro to the original Resident Evil...
  6. I hope that wasn't a dig at Bouff.. You can't make digs at Bouff! I love Bouff!!! Ahem... Sorry..
  7. Using the bike it was one of the most fun things I've played in a game.. Lotsa fun, not too easy, but not so hard you want to kill people when you fall off.
  8. Ohhh, good god - I remember the first time I got a bike on VC.. Me and my bud played it for 5 hours straight just arsing around on bikes. Piss funny.
  9. "He was a gayer!" On reading the rest of this thread I'm gonna go watch it again, and show it to some of my less enthusiastic gaming friends. Class class class. I can't say it enough.
  10. I always get shitloads of mail, so I have a lot of things to sign for and collect and all that - one time when I was living in halls I went out to collect a package and sign for it, the postman said "who is this Ian Dransfield guy? He's a pain in the arse with all this crap he has delivered." - all the while I was busy signing and printing my name 'Ian Dransfield'. He quickly and quietly took his leave. I'm alright this time around though - my flats have a reception that all packages are left at, and the receptionist girl is hothothot - win win!
  11. My mate switched my SP on the other day, expecting it to be Final Fight - instead he got Harvest Moon. "What the fuck is this shite?" I think was his initial response. I tried for about half an hour to explain why a farming game was fun.. Fighting a lost cause, unfortunately. It's another one of those games that everyone will ignore. Oh goody - more incentive to not release anything special over here!
  12. What about hiring a plumber to come round and jump on some mushrooms for you? Well - it amused me...
  13. The GBA version is still providing me with muchos fun, I'm at the beginning of the first summer and I still have fuck all money-wise. I'm sticking with it, but I want more moolah! Why is the GC one supposed to be more fiddly? Micromanagement? I can't be doing with too much of that wack sheeit.
  14. Thank shitty christ someone else shares my (correct) views.
  15. Fucking class. The Scots seem to have an innate ability to present gaming shows. "what's your highest score on Radiant Silvergun?" and "fuckin hell I'm good at this" being just two of the moments that made me chuckle quite heartily. Well, well, well, well, well done. Keep it up. And "wank hat" is such a beautiful phrase. I think I shall steal it. That is all.
  16. The beginning of the intro to MI4, when Guybrush says "I always knew I wanted to be a pirate" - it goes to a flashback and shows him being washed up on the shore, he looks up and immediately goes: "I wanna be a pirate!" That made me laugh til I shat.
  17. That's (almost) what I said! And the rubber tree/Monkey Island moment is a ruddy bloody classic.
  18. It isn't really that scary as such - it does get inside your head though and mess with your perceptions in really clever ways. I actually can't play Project Zero. It really does scare me too much. I fucking hate ghosts..
  19. That made me chuckle a lot. I like how Lucasarts seem to put Max in all of their games, then can the Sam and Max sequel.. Idiots.
  20. I enjoyed the volume on my TV turning itself down. That was funny.
  21. I can't download.. Bloody 56k... Anyway, and email has been sent. It's nice to see the spirit of punk living in gaming!
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