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  1. The Mega Everdrive Pro is phenomenal and I love it to bits, as much as a person can love a bit of plastic and metal.
  2. I'd say two things factor in with the RMC thingy: - It's been designed as a PCB, by a PCB company. It's not hugely surprising the case might not get quite the same level of attention - It's been designed with keeping costs as low as possible in mind, which just doesn't work alongside hiring a designer/prototyping cases/injection molding etc It does look like a great entry point for someone getting into MiSTer; I'd definitely be keen if I didn't already have my cheap-ass 3D printed piece of garbage already.
  3. This. Everything bar about 10 games nobody would ever dream of caring about works perfectly, plus you can play Final Fight with the Mega CD soundtrack.
  4. as long as you use all the flux on the planet, it's hard to actually break anything
  5. I've not used their Dreamcast PSU, but I've had ones for both PS1 and Saturn and they were among the best replacements I've had. I've ordered their N64 and PS2 ones recently, as I trust they'll be just as good. And yes, I do recommend USB GDROM. If you've got the £/$/Euro symbol, I'd also heartily recommend a DCDigital. Loooooovely bit of kit.
  6. Piss easy, one screw on the original PSU, new one slots on where the old one lived. The cheapo ones all over eBay are fine, the ones using actual Pico PSUs are great, and Rexus Nexus' ones are brilliant too.
  7. I'd say it's more the guts of the thing than the case that's the focus there. It brings in all the additional board features, including a SNAC adapter, for what he says is cheaper than buying it all separately (I do believe him, I just haven't checked). I'm probably set with what I have right now, but it is a really cool project.
  8. I completely disagree with that, the Amiga's golden age was the early 90s... But then there's no way of truly quantifying a golden era of anything. It's the golden era for me because I got an Amiga either 89 or 90, so that's when I was into it and playing the most games. It's different for others. AP launched in 91, it covered most of my golden era. There's this, but it's based on user scores which are unreliable at best: https://www.everythingamiga.com/2020/09/when-was-the-golden-era-for-amiga-gaming.html
  9. This is the only answer. They can be read.
  10. I'm about 75-100 orders deep in AliExpress these days it's how they get you
  11. I should bloody be, claw back some of this cash I've burned on silly* things. *"brilliant"
  12. I have exactly the same. Am going to test SFX etc games on the jailbreak now so WE ALL KNOW FOR SURE.
  13. Honestly I find Amazon more of a Wild West than eBay these days. It's far from perfect, but there is more accountability on the latter. Also I've ordered from that seller before and everything was fine.
  14. On Super NT? It still doesn't have Super FX, S-DD1 or SA1 games, as far as I know. And I don't think it can have them. It's not a huge list of games to miss out on, to be fair, and it's a big step to pay £150 or whatever it is for an FXPAK on top of the Super NT just for those few games, but there are some absolute bangers in the incompatible list - Kirby's Fun Pak, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Mario RPG, Yoshi's Island, Starwing, Doom (shh I like it), and.. err.. PGA Tour 96 if you like that.
  15. As Colonel Panic says, jailbreaking doesn't add this stuff no. I'd say it's actually mandatory to pick up an FXPAK if you're going down the jailbreak-ROM route with a Super NT. You don't need one for MegaSG, I believe it even runs Virtua Racing through pure Jailbreak. Admittedly I do have a Mega Everdrive Pro, but that's because it plays Mega CD games and 32X (with 32X hardware). But for pure Mega Drive you just need the jailbreak.
  16. And they're still in stock a week-and-a-bit later. (Just for the historical record when, after they've sold out in future, someone claims it's 'impossible' to get Analogue hardware) I love mine so much I want another, but that's too stupid even for me.
  17. eBay has lots of ML2032s going around, a lot with replacement quick-swap caddies included. They're very easy to fit - desolder and remove the old battery prongs, solder the new caddy in the same holes, slot the battery in. Stuff like this. Don't get an LIR2032 that some people recommend, they're the wrong voltage or something. The one you link is right. But if you don't want to replace the caddy, I think the original tabs can work on a new battery. I wouldn't be keen soldering something directly to a battery, but that might just be me.
  18. Tested all, all working fine (as in loaded to game, tested for a minute or two). As I said to Darran, had this thing for pushing four years now and I cannot think of a single game that hasn't worked. Smarter people than I have said things about compatibility here (namely this darcagn person), but in short: everything works apart from some Bleem! discs, which were being hacked to work as of the other year. No idea if they have been. I've used a Cruzer Blade USB 2.0 stick, a generic cheap-ass USB 3.0-to-SD stick with SanDisk SD cards, and an M.2 SSD (via a USB 3.0 C-to-A adaptor), all worked fine. I do know some people have had issues with their storage media, but I've not had any myself. I honestly don't know if yours will work but I just assume it will so long as things are formatted according to the guides and you're not using shitty media. Which you're not. train of thought correction: At one point I used a USB-to-micro SD solution that did see some issues - games would return to the menu rather than load, hang on the Dreamcast logo, stuff like that. Was so long ago I actually forgot about it til now. But all the ones above worked fine. I use this jury rigged nonsense, it's perfect (and it's all cheap AliExpress crap):
  19. (I'm still not on commission) Right, press the open button to get to the DC menu. Otherwise it thinks there's a disc in there. Tested all those you mentioned, every single one worked fine and with no visual problems using a USB-GDROM - Le Mans 24, Sega Rally 2, SF Alpha 3, Tokyo Highway Challenge, Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge, and NBA 2K2. Loaded every game through to actually playing it for a couple of minutes, all fine. My DC has a DCDigital, so circumvents most/all issues the Dreamcast has with TV cables. That's on the console/games/cables, not the ODE. Where are you getting your Legally Acquired Backups from? They might be at fault. Straightforward, clean, unmolested GDI rips are the best bet. There's a lot out there that have been tinkered with over the years. I haven't had a problem with any game I've played using USB-GDROM, and I've been using it since 2017. I do think it matters what rip you use. Happy to test any others just to be sure.
  20. I've always, even since kid-age, been turned off by peripherals. Rightly or wrongly, they've just always been a barrier between me and bothering with something. Think we had a dance mat for the PlayStation, and the obligatory light gun of course, but nothing else. If a) peripherals are cheap enough and b) the games that use them are actually worth playing, and c) see a) again, I might have a look at some point. But then there's also that I got distracted ultimate-ising other consoles.
  21. Controllers, nothing else. I have a couple of different wireless solutions - a Brook adapter so most Bluetooth pads can be used, and a Dreamconn. And a Retro Fighters wired controller, which I actually use the most as it's very good indeed.
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