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  1. Ah.. Yes.. Of course.. I must have forgotten that I forgot.. Ignore - anything - I - said..
  2. Future Cop: LAPD. I really enjoyed that game. Transforming stompy robot mania! If they do it right, it should be good.
  3. Ditto. And Windwaker. I don't have the time to play through them both and do coursework.. Dammit..
  4. By 'spazzy' you mean 'great', obviously.
  5. I once stored a sword that I had been given in someone elses cupboard, when I came to retrieve it I was branded a thief and attacked.. IT WAS MY FUCKING SWORD! I played Morrowind a lot over the summer.. Even my mum got into it.. "So get that spell thing that makes you fly, and then you can get up that tower and see that wizard fella - easy!" Yes, I was being given help by my mother...
  6. You just load your old save - it converts it to a GOTY version and you start from wherever your save left you, just with a new island and capital city to visit. The Bloodmoon expansion = lots of fun. Werewolf? Ok!
  7. The loading times are quite a bit worse, as I remember, but it doesn't crash as much so there aren't as many reloads.
  8. If you've still got your old save, you can use it on the GOTY version. I found it made things a bit easy though. But winning is fun, so I didn't really care!
  9. One of them is a new island you can swim/get a boat to, the other is a place you get teleported to. They both play alongside the original island/missions etc. It's coolio.
  10. Playing Time Crisis in the arcade and ducking from the hooks.. Both in the game and in real life.. But... But.. They're hooks! They might hit me! Have to say I embarrassed one of my buds the other day - he still doesn't think I'm any good at games, for some reason, and he was sat with a few mates from work playing THUG - showing off his 35,000 point combos and stuff. He challenged me with a smug grin on his face, expecting to trounce me - I did one combo, got off the board and stood in a corner. He didn't beat me with about 1 minute 30 seconds of free play. THUG was promptly switched off and the smug grin changed to be on my face. Star Bar.
  11. Any time anyone who isn't a friend sees you playing DOA Volleyball. Boasting how great I was at Resident Evil 2 to my brother/stepdad, making them watch me play it then promptly dying after about 10 minutes of play... Any time anything embarrassing happens, I just put Viewtiful Joe on. People love it and you get instant redemption.
  12. I'd love to meet a girl who actually plays games. I don't know any.. Girls or girls who play games..
  13. I fucking LOVE the Syndicate series. I used to play the Amiga version all the time. Wars is one of my all time favourite games. It's simply magnificent. Need money? Blow up the bank and rob it. Bored? Blow shit up! Even more bored? Kill shit! Great stuff. And the Persuadertron noise off the original was the bestest noise ever. And on Wars when the guy said "CATACLYSM" when you selected the Nuke Grenade. So many memories.. So much love.. So much need for a new version.. The penultimate mission when you have about 40 agents. Star Bar.
  14. They're exactly the same! That is brilliant! The funky Zelda cover is far too colourful. It's confusing, and the title of the game doesn't stand out enough. Everything blends together into a big mess. Too much green aswell. Link looks like a plant holding a sword.
  15. Ah, reet. Well that's the one I'm on about anyway! Twas just a kind of followup to this thread. Seems to have gone a bit fugazi though...
  16. Just downloaded 2 tracks of theirs. The album is now in the post. Who says filesharing kills the music industry? Fucking brilliant keyboards. Truly undefinable sound. Nice action.
  17. 1. I have no SP. 2. I have no girlfriend. 3. I did not realise that I was going against forum etiquette to open a topic when I have less than 1,000 posts. I'll know my place in future. Jesus fucking christ I knew there was a reason I avoided posting in these forums. Calm down.
  18. Out today! Who ordered one? Who really shouldn't have, as they have no money - "but they're so cuuute!" ? The perfect substitute for any actual valentines day presents/cards/attention... I've sunk to a new low..
  19. That Sounds Like The Best Thing Ever ...
  20. And I enter late to add: I received WW the other day off a fellow forumite and I have been captivated by its sheer beauty. Everything about it is stylised to the Nth degree. I love the look, sound and general feel of the game. And Zool was the ninja of the Nth dimension.
  21. I've got CD one (the game CD) of the original release if you'd like a "24 hour test copy" of it?
  22. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they respawned indefinitely if you hung out around the air ducts. They were sooo fast.. Just about everything in that game was done so incredibly well - the Alien scared the shit out of you because it was insanely fast and if it got near you, you would die - the Predator scared you because it was so damn imposing and if it unleashed the fury on you, you would die - the Marines didn't scare you because you could fuck them up beyond all repair, as long as you were careful - if you weren't careful, you would die. So, so well balanced. To be honest I've never played more than one level on AvP2 - my PC ain't upto it..
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