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  1. Sounds great to me. Portable Gran Turismo? Yis! Remakes/sequels do not necessitate a bad game!
  2. Errm... I like Resident Evil and I want to see how they've fucked up this latest offering. Yay! I was lead to believe that the conversations on Outbreak were going to be stock phrases on every version, regardless of if you're playing with real people or not. Making it simpler to communicate and all that tosh.
  3. Ahhh - Doncaster! I'm guessing not England. Just don't hurt me if I'm wrong. I'm new here! Bedtime. Drunk. G'night kiddies.
  4. I ordered mine from Liksang earlier with a USB charger - just about £90 and I've been promised it will be marked at $30 or less - i.e. £18 or less so no customs stings. I have absolutely no money. Why have I done this? I damn you all for making it attractive to me.
  5. I have mine chipped, but it didn't come with the emus installed so I had to buy them - but Mame, SNES, Megadrive and Amiga emulators soon arrived with around 3000 games on each! Heaven! Though Moonstone doesn't work on the Amiga one.. And as for first play on Mame - X-Men all the way!
  6. This isn't Soul Reaver 3 - it's a different style of game in the series. You play as both Raziel and Kain on seperate levels. And I still love it. And it should be out on Xbox - that's the version I've got!
  7. Gamerweb did it all the time. Though they did get a lot of promotional footage too.
  8. Once I got over the annoying camera issues, I found this to be a truly great game and a fantastic addition to the series. The story is worth £40 in it's own right - absolutely love the whole Kain/Raziel thing. Got it on US import a while back and didn't stop playing it for bloody ages. It's guilty of providing me with the longest waste of time I've been in for a long long while - 8 hours of solid play. Just because I wanted to see what happened so very badly. Other developers should take notes - include stories I care about! ME! JUST ME! Ahem..
  9. Jeebus - I haven't played a demo in years.. Forgot about the whole time limit thing.. It did annoy me, but you can see why they do it - it is a demo after all - plus, if anything, it encouraged me to buy the game - if I could get so much enjoyment out of 10 minutes of the first level over and over again, think how much I could get from the whole game! This particular example applies to a demo of Grand Theft Auto that came on OPSM yeeeeears ago. Happy memories...
  10. It's not that weird - if you're good at anything you garner more enjoyment from it than if you're crap at it. Everyone knows winning is fun!
  11. Just make sure beforehand they mark it as 'gift' or knock down the value on the customs sticker. Yay! I know what you mean though - they prberly aren't as reputable for the sake of about 8/9 quid extra.
  12. Move the operation down to Preston and I'm in!!!
  13. Now £93.07. Hmm.. You can get them cheaper off Ebay.com now - people selling for $139.99 + about $15 shipping anywhere, so they're about $15 cheaper than yesasia. Oh well, I'm not even getting one. Best place for a normal SP??? And can any region model play any region games? And if you don't mind me asking: Guru - where is home? Just curious.. Ta.
  14. I seem to be halfway through everything I own and I've just restarted uni, so what have I done? Bought FF7 off ebay and started that again again again. Stupid, stupid Ian...
  15. Sony can do what the hell they want with it for the mature market - all they have to do for the kids is get a real Pokemon-esque number, so parents are pestered into buying them. Simple!
  16. Fucking abysmal. Hate it. A lot.
  17. they wouldnt make the game so hard you'd never want to play it again. theyd make it hard enough to be too difficult to finish, but easy enough to get 5 minutes of play out of it so you at least think youre getting your moneys worth. i remember finishing 1942, on about 3 credits, then the next week not being able to get past about the 4th level. annoying.
  18. I've been practising since the beginning of January. I live in the Adelphi, so it's all good.. I'll have the support of the staff.. I WILL WIN! In Preston, at least..
  19. Good god I love those two series'. Does my memory lie to me or was there a G-Police 2? The police chief on G-Police, with his bald head and metallic implants.. And hardcore power voice! Loved it! It's alllll coming back to me...
  20. I KNEW it! Thankyou very much for confirming that. This will now be printed off and rubbed in a few friends' faces. Yes, I am petty.
  21. I remember it all too well. There was a trailer for it on some games program.. Possibly Gamesmaster.. Maybe Digitiser.. Can't remember. It looked cool as fuck. I wonder if you can get hold of a copy anywhere? I'd love to play it - see what it was like. I'm sure it must be somewhere. Rare as fook though I guess..
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