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  1. Punched my mate in the ribs for beating me at PES2. Broke 3 ribs. True story. Very funny.
  2. Busted? Liberty Kiss? Bad? What the hell is wrong with you people?!? It's musical genius!!!
  3. I want to see some in the Style of the Dillinger Escape Plan. NOW.
  4. I'd like to pretend I'm a hardcore cattler But then I have a barcode battler... Hmm.. I can't say I know what is the sprocket nuller So I'll just flick my Neo Geo Pocket Colour.. I'll stop now. It's not even funny.
  5. I'd buy out EA, disband all of their franchises, sell all of their licences and make them into a good company. That would cost more than billions though...
  6. Fearn... Mmm... Can I have a box of Tactics please, to eat whilst I play Final Fantasy Tictacs.. Hmm.. Does it work?
  7. I really want to play FFVII again now.. Anyone got a spare copy they can lend me for a couple of months? And I actually liked the FF movie...
  8. I take my hat off to you: response + effort x wit =
  9. I like the idea. You just need to make sure you can pull off the comedy with panache though, otherwise it'll just come across as dumb.
  10. I know what you mean - even Auron has skin that's far too smooth for a rugged warrior who's been round the block a few times.. They just need to have a fuck-ugly boy and girl combo in FFXIII!
  11. I'm intriegued as to how this will turn out. A lot of people wanted a FFVII sequel, so Square are giving them one - just in a form I'm guessing a lot of people wouldn't have guessed. Regardless, I'm looking forward to it a great deal - FFVII was the game that got me into RPGs, and it's story holds a special place in my heart. Plus Sephiroth is badass...
  12. Me - I'm tall! Plus I'm intelligent, sexy and funny. And I have lovely hair! Yay me!
  13. It is much more stable and the additions do warrant another purchase if you enjoyed the original - but for some reason it takes a looooong time to load saved games. I want to be a werewolf again...
  14. It's an old one, but a good one - all you can ever do is use review scores as guidelines and not treat them as gospel. Try a game out if possible - if you like it, you like it. I see what you mean though with regards to the reviews being complete - I remember a lot of old magazines would put in their rhetoric that they 'always played games to completion', then they later added 'if it is possible', then it seemed to disappear completely - you just take it for granted that the game has been played enough for the reviewer to form a balanced opinion of it. If every game were to be completed before it were reviewed, the writeups would arrive months later than the game - as a lot of people do base their purchases on review scores, the reviews have to be as up to date as possible. It's a bit of a vicious circle..
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