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  1. A lot of things were supposed to happen last year...
  2. The personality intro's from June; I've shaved since.
  3. DC one does indeed work with the analogue stick. Also has a mode specifically for arcade sticks (i.e. no analogue stick), so set either way. I need to stop derailing by talking about DC in a GC thread...
  4. Oh you absolutely can hook it up to the PVM, but as with everything Analogue does it costs a chunk of change more. https://www.analogue.co/dac
  5. I mean the SNES isn't a nightmare, you just* get an FX Pak and it plays 99.9% of things with only some... I don't know, Sudoku games or some crap not working. What issues does NES emulation have? Never dipped into it much, so not aware of anything there. *for 'just' £130 or whatever it is
  6. Not from Retro Fighters. There's the (expensive, but it is small batch/home made sort of stuff) DreamConn. Probably the best option right now is Brook's Wingman SD, which lets you pair any Bluetooth controller with it.
  7. This. It's not like the SNES where you need a ROM cart to play special chip games. Mega SG plays everything out of the box with official non-official firmware, including Virtua Racing. Jailbreak firmware can't play Virtua Racing, my mistake. If you got an Everdrive it'd be for Mega CD games and, if you could be bothered with the hardware and palaver, 32X games. I tried the latter; don't bother.
  8. Ah, I see - didn't see that on the Retro Fighters site, weirdly.
  9. Yeah they've had practically the same layout on every controller they've made - for fighting games, really, but I use them for everything. Not sure which you've got them mixed up with? Retro Bit?
  10. Retro Fighters doing a wireless GC controller, you say? WELL NOW https://castlemaniagames.com/products/retro-fighters-bladegc-2-4-ghz-wireless-edition-orange (Retro Fighters pads are very good)
  11. The Mega Everdrive Pro is phenomenal and I love it to bits, as much as a person can love a bit of plastic and metal.
  12. I'd say two things factor in with the RMC thingy: - It's been designed as a PCB, by a PCB company. It's not hugely surprising the case might not get quite the same level of attention - It's been designed with keeping costs as low as possible in mind, which just doesn't work alongside hiring a designer/prototyping cases/injection molding etc It does look like a great entry point for someone getting into MiSTer; I'd definitely be keen if I didn't already have my cheap-ass 3D printed piece of garbage already.
  13. This. Everything bar about 10 games nobody would ever dream of caring about works perfectly, plus you can play Final Fight with the Mega CD soundtrack.
  14. as long as you use all the flux on the planet, it's hard to actually break anything
  15. I've not used their Dreamcast PSU, but I've had ones for both PS1 and Saturn and they were among the best replacements I've had. I've ordered their N64 and PS2 ones recently, as I trust they'll be just as good. And yes, I do recommend USB GDROM. If you've got the £/$/Euro symbol, I'd also heartily recommend a DCDigital. Loooooovely bit of kit.
  16. Piss easy, one screw on the original PSU, new one slots on where the old one lived. The cheapo ones all over eBay are fine, the ones using actual Pico PSUs are great, and Rexus Nexus' ones are brilliant too.
  17. I'd say it's more the guts of the thing than the case that's the focus there. It brings in all the additional board features, including a SNAC adapter, for what he says is cheaper than buying it all separately (I do believe him, I just haven't checked). I'm probably set with what I have right now, but it is a really cool project.
  18. I completely disagree with that, the Amiga's golden age was the early 90s... But then there's no way of truly quantifying a golden era of anything. It's the golden era for me because I got an Amiga either 89 or 90, so that's when I was into it and playing the most games. It's different for others. AP launched in 91, it covered most of my golden era. There's this, but it's based on user scores which are unreliable at best: https://www.everythingamiga.com/2020/09/when-was-the-golden-era-for-amiga-gaming.html
  19. This is the only answer. They can be read.
  20. I'm about 75-100 orders deep in AliExpress these days it's how they get you
  21. I should bloody be, claw back some of this cash I've burned on silly* things. *"brilliant"
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