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  1. I just can't accept when things go well because I don't think I deserve them

  2. i'm so sad i can touch the sky for this shit i'm taking i'm so sick of it all that one more pill and i can die

  3. today i'm feeling good my god this is really good:)

  4. today for the first time i was happy, i woke up sad but after hours i was happy with a skin of my champion in league of legends:rolleyes:

  5. hell, this emptiness inside me is so big it even looks like cancer, i can't take it anymore

  6. hi, I miss you, the songs, your painting, I started listening to your songs after my mother killed herself when I was only twelve and today at nineteen I want to thank you for all the beauty you wrote that your talent brought to people but i know i'll end up doing the same as you and my mom did in a month and i feel so lonely i feel weak and left out i feel i live a life that's not mine i'm so hurt and empty like a cancer I'm so sad yoñlu, i've died seven years since she left and left me in such a bad world, so i'll see you soon and let's talk about your beautiful talent, ok?
  7. i'm so sad i wanna end it all please someone help me

  8. these knives are softer than broken dreams

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