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  1. I have the brown grand piano for sale in my shop today - 260k iirc. I have the black one already so I won’t be buying it, happy to open up later if you want to come and buy it?
  2. No worries! I’ll be back shortly as I got booted out when I was in the shop!
  3. No worries, I’ll bring that fossil and some seedlings
  4. fantastic! I’ll be over in a bit. Do you need any items / fossils?
  5. Here’s the link to the nip exchange. https://turnip.exchange/island/7d8a5d4d Queue isn’t too bad, but I’ll also do a private dodo later.
  6. 550 for me this afternoon. I’ll open it up to the nip exchange, but if anyone wants the dodo later than let me know as I’ll try to stay open til 10pm.
  7. 90 bells for me. And Leif is in town selling cosmos. I’ll leave it open while I get my daughter brekkie - 1V9VD.
  8. @rickyblaze I have apples and oranges, and mums for sale in my shop. Would love a football and the basketball hoop and ball. Happy to open the gates or post the stuff to you? I also have the red phone box for swaps if anyone is interested. I’d be after the white drinks machine or any outdoors stuff (park, beach, campsite bits).
  9. Thank you @andyw I was starting to get a little worried about shifting my turnips!! Left you some bells.
  10. I own one of them! We also did a draft league last season, but I think that just died pretty quick. Edit: team name should be Sladie F.C.
  11. Lacazette has hurt me in both the draft and regular leagues. He's going to get moved on this week. Great start to the season Baring!!
  12. Pretty happy with my business on the waivers today. Swapped Gray for Mata, Lanzini for Gundogan and Cedric for Yoshida. Lanzini is out injured anyway, so I thought it was worth a punt on Gundogan getting back into the City team.
  13. Having to set up four potential waivers for one player I want to transfer seems a little messy to me. But at least I'm not bottom of the league [emoji57]
  14. Awesome, I'm in! The new draft mode looks really interesting, thanks for setting the league up.
  15. He had more than a dozen people giving him an alibi in 1985, and that didn't matter.I seem to remember someone saying that he used the car crusher the day before the alleged murder. May have got that wrong though. Edit: too slow [emoji4]
  16. "I'm sorry [sniff} I just keep thinking about that blue ribbon". Prick.
  17. For those who think Steven is guilty, how do you think the murder went down? I've been trying to think of a scenario where he could possibly have done it, and the best I've come up with is: TH was clearly never in his apartment or garage (no DNA), but he makes some kind of advance or threat to her outside and when she rejects him he shoots her outside/before she leaves the yard or keeps her captive in another building. He bundles her body into her car/someplace and hides it. He then goes about his day as normal - takes two calls from Jodi, fire with Brendan. Presumably later that night or the next day he takes the car to the primary burn site (by the quarry) and burns the body and possessions, then cleans and moves the car to a different location and hides it rather than crushing it (apparently the primary burn site and the where the car were found are quite a distance apart). The police then plant the bullet, the blood, the key and the bones. I don't think that this adds up. There certainly isn't any evidence for this (apart from the planting of evidence) from what was in the doc, from Kratz's email or from other sources that I've read. Poor Brendan though, that was just heartbreaking. I am 100% convinced about his innocence.
  18. Just watched The Guest on this recommendation. Thought it was awesome, and will be listening to the soundtrack at work tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up.
  19. Shit, just realised its Thursday. I'm not on this week, as you can see. Lads!
  20. Well played, lads. Jay, you did great with the back 4 in the second game. Pity we couldn't get the six points, but that was so much better than the first two weeks.
  21. Can't play tonight, but can come on tomorrow evening.
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