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  1. You lot were great last night and were awesome in large patches of both games, especially the first. Thought your defending was quality all through both games, didn't really give us much of a chance to build up a head of steam. Well played and deserved 6 points.

    Didn't one of your strikers hit the post with an open goal at one point??

    And Tyler has be the best BAP player right now. Prick.

  2. Are we getting a practise game in tomorrow? Last week we kinda Drifted and, although we got a game, it would be good to get everyone together a little earlier.

    Its also my last week before three weeks whilst I am in the US (I can neither confirm or deny I will be speaking with Steely whilst out there :wub:)*

    When and where are you going? Mrs Sladie is heading out to New York for 10 days on Friday morning. That means I'll be on for the games on Thursday, but won't be on early or hanging around after. But I should be on tomorrow after the Fulham match.

  3. Gutted I got kicked so early on in that second game and missed out. Sounds awesome. I'll try and delete all the FIFA 10 stuff off my HDD to see if that sorts out being kicked from the EA servers.

    Was gutted to concede that third goal in the first game. It was my fault for giving baring of all people too much space in the box. We were having to drop quite deep and I just got stuck and didn't attack the ball. Typcial half turn, finese into corner finish in the end though.

    Well played in the second games lads!

  4. You learn more from your defeats, and all that.

    We were outplayed. Rovers were fantastic, breaking at pace with numbers and rock solid at the back. And we lost almost every 50/50 challenge in over the pitch. They played us perfectly and deserved their wins. I don't think we were that bad, we just came against a team with a bit of a point to prove.

    One thing though: let's take more shots! We got in a few good positions last night and we were looking for a pass all the time.

  5. I think I'll check the pub one out just because I know that I'll be able to get a few mates to go along. And it's next door after all - be rude not to really. But feel ya about why they aren't that great.

    Billy, can you hook me up with a Full Tilt code please mate?

    I'll have to have a flick through some of my old 2+2 books...I guess stuff like 'Small Stakes Poker' doesn't really go out of date.

    Edit: would definitely be up for a Football League poker game.

  6. Perhaps I'm missing the point of this...but why not just put everyone into an auction? That way if people want to retain their mates or get the best players then they have to pay for it. No one has a value from season to season, it's just what each manager is prepared to pay. Let the market decide the value of each player. If managers were worried about player retention then perhaps the Manager could pick a Club Captain prior to the auction.

    I've probably not thought this idea out too well though!!

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