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  1. Yawdib was quality with Carew at CF (CAM) - so if he's happy to keep him there then lets just do that. We should score quite a few from corners this season with JC in the mixer.

    One thought I had last night was that this team must have the most ex-BAP managers in it. Tobes, Manic, Timmo, me and obviously Pants. Manic's too many cocks line might be right.

  2. Yep, it just didn't click last night. All over the pitch we were just a little short, half a yard off the pace, running into each other, etc. But despite all of that i thought we did OK. The first game we should have won comfortably - we even had two great chances in injury time to equalise. We just got caught cold from the KO and then with a quality strike. Against City they outplayed us for large sections, but we were still in at 2-1!

    At least we beat Wincho :lol:

  3. Happy Birthday for yesterday yawdib!! And Tobes I can't believe you missus let you off your anniversary! Have a good one (!) this weekend tho.

    Right, I'll try and be on as soon after 9 as I can tonight but will defo be on for 10 past. We going with the 4-2-3-1 then? I think tonight would be the time to try it if we are...we got a full 10 on right?

  4. Well played lads. Amazing stuff tonight, especially in the first game where you played some of the best stuff I've seen.

    Sorry about the red in the second game...the red mist came down at the end of a very long season.

    Special mention to Steely, re-building an almost completely new team and still winning the league after an indifferent start. Amazing. Massive respect mate. Well played.

  5. Happy birthday billy!!

    Ok...first game:






    second game we might swap a little depending on how things go. It's a 10.15 ko but I'll be on for some warm ups in 5 mins.

  6. If we beat City 2-1 and then draw 1-1 then United need to win twice, scoring at least 4 goals and the title is theirs. it's actually much more possible than I realised...One win for City though and the title is theirs.

    First game is crucial. If they lose then the pressure is all on them.

    Come on!!!

  7. Although we may not be able to impact our position are we able to impact where the title goes?

    There's still an outside chance we could finish 4th and that City could lose the title. If we win the first game and United beat Rovers in their first game it will make for a very interesting finish to the season.

  8. Yep, some good games last night! For tonight, I want to give Billy and Joffy a run out further up the ptich, and I'd like to play Heretic at CB. I might take the other FB to try and keep us tight at the back. Something along the lines of:






    If Pants doesn't make it on we'll have a shift around so that Johnny end up taking the Any with both wide players.

    VOTE! Town End of Season Awards

    It's that time of the year again! Please can you PM your votes in to me for the following awards:

    Player of the Season

    Goal of the Season

    Game of the Season

    I've got a few ideas for other awards too, but if you can think of anything else then let me know!

  9. Whats wrong with this Sladie?

    The players have a far bigger impact than any team you use. On the old system which we where using for 6 seasons before the reverse picking order came in, we had 4 different winners.

    Nothings wrong with that as essentially it's the system we are using now. 6th place gets first pick, etc.

    I've ended up beating the drum about this far more than I intended too! There just doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the current system.

  10. There are so many variables involved that it'd impossible to pin the result of a single game as down to the team pick.

    Over the season though, it looks like it's had little impact on things.

    City getting 200 fewer points

    Town getting 100 more points

    United going from 4th to serious title contenders

    There's more evidence for it having an impact than it not! besides, even it had no impact there's no reason to revert to a different system where we'd go more zero impact to negative.

  11. This has been the best BAP season ever, I just don't understand why we are changing a method of picking teams that seeks to slightly level the playing field for the weaker teams.

    Mike you keep on saying that City have still won the league and Wanderers still finished bottom as an argument that picking in reverse finishing order doesn't have any impact. But Wanderers beat City this season, so it obviously did have an impact + the fact that City will finish the season with 200 fewer points.

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