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  1. Gutted to lose the second game. After being under so much pressure it was a poor goal to concede out of nothing. We lose our shape so easily, both with and without the ball. I think that's the cause of our problems. Onwards and upwards. Will try to come on for a few games before next Thursday.

  2. I was awful in the second game and should have done better on the first couple of goals. In the first game we had a really good shape and they were playing in front of us, which is much easier as a CB. In the second game we were running back towards our goal the whole time, and the space between the midfield and defense was massive.

    Maybe we just relaxed a bit? We completely bossed the first game and scored and looked good in the first 10 minutes of game two. When they got those two quick goals heads seemed to drop a bit perhaps.

  3. Spell Quest: Grimm's Journey is absolutely mint. Spell words to kill monsters, with some nice gimmicks (enemy attacks do strange things to your tiles, some monsters are vulnerable to certain letters, words starting with a vowel, etc).

    It's free as well, with an optional currency doubler (which I downloaded just because the game's worth paying for).

    Yes! Really enjoying this. Each stage has three "stars" to complete - basic completion, time limit and special conditions. Trying to do the levels against the clock can be tough.

  4. The goal just after halftime in the second game killed us, and that was on us at the back. I don't think we'll get caught like that again now. The pros weren't that much of an issue in the first game, but I've been trying to get some drop in games under my under my belt to boost my stats. They are usually pretty horrible though.

  5. I'd say Chapter 2 is the most annoying - it just throws so much new stuff at you in a big environment where it's really hard to spot the enemy and that stupid alarm section. It would have been a nice change of pace later on in the game - just strange to put it right up front. There are definitely parts later on that are frustrating, but at least by that stage you have some sense of the game and the fecking OWL thingy. Most of the other Chapters are pretty fun, so it is worth sticking with.

    I still don't fully understand the guns in this game. I don't get how some replace your primary firearm, but some replace the secondary firearm. And even by the end I couldn't recognise the good guns by name and most of them just look too similar. The melee though is awesome, has a lovely "crunch" to it.

  6. Just finished this. I really enjoyed it, and that was after nearly trading it/breaking the disc during Chapter 2. My main gripe was that sometimes it was really unclear where you had to go! I had to resort to Youtube a couple of times to figure it out. Apart from a couple of difficulty spikes at the end, I thought the Chapters were all excellent (apart from Chapter 2 which should have been nearer the end of the game). I'll have to post some screenshots (what a great little feature that is BTW).

  7. gagy3ute.jpga2e6ynu5.jpg

    Just finished my matchup with Ferryman. I got off to a flyer, and unfortunately he triple bogeyed a hole on the front nine so I was I control for most of the match. He came back strong though and played some lovely stuff on the last 4 or 5 holes and was a bit unlucky not to get a lower score. I had a massive bit of luck where my ball bounced off a rock twice and then rolled up to the side of the hole. -7 is my best score on this course, so happy to do it in a tourney. Cheers for the games.

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