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  1. Mike and I have finished our match. The final score in game was -9 versus -7 in my favour, with the handicap in play I reckon that makes it -9 to -8 in my favour. Is that right?

    What a match!! Mike was so accurate with his iron shots, leaving tap ins for four birdies and and eagle in the opening five holes. I was just about hanging in there, irons weren't getting that close for me but I kept on holing out for birdies. Going into the last two holes we were level in game, I managed a cheeky birdie on 8 and then a massive eagle on the ninth to post a decent score. Mike was so close on 8 and 9 to putts that would have swung the game his way!

    Thanks for a great game. I think you played better than me from tee to green, I just made a few decent putts.

  2. There is a decent game here, despite EA doing their best to hide it. I had one crash and a tiny bit of lag most of the time. Need to work on creating my beast CB! What is the best way to do it? Level up and earn coins to spend in the shop? I've played 7 games with my pro as CB, but FIFA is only saying I've played one game...Is that a bug?

  3. I was shit in that second game, so popping up with a goal was the least I could do. Great ball from Bleeders though. Whip it in!!

    What a weird night. We were awful in the first game and got what we deserved. We were awful in the first 30 minutes of the second game and deserved to be behind. And then we were great for 60 minutes and probably should have won. Where did that come from???

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